Earth in its physical cosmic journey through space first encountered the photon belt of a star called Alcyone for this occasion on February 04th 1962 . Yet another age of Aquarius began with the passing of that date as yet another age of Pisces ended . It doth form part of the  Great Cycle as our Solar System is continuing its orbital path around Alcyone . Each such orbit currently will take approximately  24,000 years  to complete with the Sun and its Solar System being the 7th one of Alcyone . The duration of each earthly Astrological age is approximately 2,000  years as there are 12 such . There are thus two photon ages lasting approximately  2,000  years each and two breaks between such lasting approximately 10,000  years each during one entire orbit . Physically the full intensity of a Photon age is characterised by a continual glowing phosphorescent luminous sky or atmosphere rather than the present distinct day and night sky . This change may be sudden or gradual . A gradual change will occur if the Sun does first encounter and interact with the photon belt while the change would be sudden if the Earth first made such encounter and interaction before the Sun . It is more apparent that our Sun has made the first such encounter on this particular occasion hence the underlying reason for the changing climate and weather patterns of the past few decades and the thus far maintenance of definitive day and night .

World government and the scientific and academic community along with their aligned and associated parties will not acknowledge this occurrence because it would result in their loss of control and power over the general world population . The Earth traversion of the Alcyone Photon Belt at a foundation base mental level does bring full and thorough enlightenment to all intelligent lifeforms . As a desperation measure the present never to be enlightened misguided controllers of earthly affairs are doing everything within their limited and underdeveloped intelligence to block the enlightenment power of the Alcyone generated photon energy . Some their efforts to date have included cloud seeding under the guise of stimulating rainfall for agricultural purposes , chemclouds and chemtrails which has involved spraying the upper atmosphere with compounds of barium and aluminium , and creation of an ozone layer in the extreme upper atmosphere falsely claiming such as natural . Environmentalism has been used as indoctrination in the promotion of a perceived need for an atmospheric ozone layer and a false explanation regarding its deterioration . The prize piece of current environmental indoctrination would undoubtedly be that ocean and fresh water sharks form a natural and necessary part of the biological animal kingdom and should be unconditionally protected as an endangered lifeform . If that be so then perhaps those who instigated such demented thought should swim amongst a school of hungry bloodthirsty sharks .

Akin to the outlined environmental indoctrination would be the current fake and bogus world virus scenario with mass vaccination as its main objective . The most direct method of blocking the enlightenment power of the Alcyone photon energy for intelligent earthly humans would be using the human mind / body itself to prevent such and as previously stated in the Neuro Mutant Vax 2021 post this could be achieved by restricting the full development of human nerve cell dendritic spines and thereby detrimentally affect nerve impulse transmission . It is no coincidence that mass scale vaccination is being conducted to coincide with the initial Earth traverse through the Alcyone Photon Belt under the false guise of protection against a virus which in reality does not exist .


The global fake virus scenario has now reached the next level which will mean total fixation upon the mass vaccine virus distribution and its administration . Fixation as a conceptual tool of a fraudulent activity does involve more than the initial obsessive preoccupation whether actual or feigned . All world nations have now directly experienced the obsessive preoccupation of governments and their associated parties by varying degrees through the unnecessary imposed restrictions such as border closures and lockdowns and curfews and contact tracing and enforced medical testing and compulsory face mask wearing and quarantine which has culminated in the distribution of the laboratory created virus through the various available vaccines . Obsessive preoccupation of fixation does eventually progress and emerge as obsessive attachment and does finally reach the obsessive dependency stage . The very credibility and continued existence of current deluded world government at every level does now involve both the obsessive attachment and obsessive dependency fixation aspect concerning the population being voluntarily vaccinated . Mass media has been positioned at the forefront of the indoctrination process and is delivering unabatedly the virus misinformation to the trusting world population .

Those that are driving and implementing the preplanned fraudulent world virus agenda are now also increasing the momentum for the legalisation of euthanasia throughout the world . As previously indicated the full legalisation of euthanasia would give sound legal protection to the knowing instigators of the virus fiction with its resultant distribution and administration of the poisonous vaccines by circumnavigating the various established and entrenched world wide criminal codes concerning murder . Vaccination certificates will be emailed to vaccinated people in Australia so it should be apparent that those without such will have more limited opportunity by comparison . The auxiliary to the vaccination certificate could be a vaccination passport which may further restrict the unvaccinated .

Mania is directly linked and bound with fixation and alternate highly elevated levels of enthusiasm combined with corresponding extreme levels of despondency represent its underlying fundamental characteristics . A maniac can only reduce the despondency by fixation and the enthusiasm gained from such . Megalomania which is defined as obsession with the exercise of power and control will create and complete the motivating factors propelling the world virus scam . A continuous unrelenting virus scenario does provide an ideal environment for the  cycle of fixation / mania / megalomania to flourish . These three phenomenon feed & fuel each other so it is irrelevant as to which does precede the other .

It could be said that all those involved in the monumental self generated virus illusion have become drug addicts and need their fix . Unlike the conventional drug addicted person their addiction is present at the mental level . Fixation with contrived illusionary circumstances will become the mental fix and the perpetual three fold cycle previously mentioned does provide the impetus for the continuation and preservation of the illusion .


Yet another major class division within the world population shall arise from the present fake virus situation between those who will be legally recognised as vaccinated and those who will not be legally recognised as vaccinated . It will also establish a major sub-division of those who will not have been vaccinated and claim to have been vaccinated & those who will have been vaccinated and claim not to have been vaccinated . Those who control could be considered perversely competent economist as at least two major world class divisions shall be created by one single false virus scenario . It will give the English expression “ two for the price of one ” an extra dimension of significance .

There would exist two main reasons for the general population deciding upon personal vaccination . Firstly , people have been persuaded and convinced by trickery and deception that the claimed virus situation is genuine and vaccines are consequently necessary and beneficial . Secondly , a fear of authoritarian reprisal and mistreatment against anyone who does not become vaccinated especially if a majority choose vaccination .  A minority group in any society is often placed at the mercy of the majority and given the misguided zeal and determination displayed so far from controlling sources an unvaccinated minority would most likely become severely disadvantaged . The instigators and orchestrators of the fraudulent world virus phenomenon and their able and obliging cohorts are deliberately distributing the virus laden vaccines slowly which will give maximum opportunity for the overall staged indoctrination process to take full effect . The final and completed process of indoctrination will add new meaning to the English expression “ give and take ” .

Regardless of whether the unvaccinated do form a majority or minority the divide will have been none-the-less created . Planet Earth has already experienced two world wars in recent history and many smaller scale wars amongst various deluded segments of the world population . Underlying all earth based war is battle for control of the human conscience . It could be said that World War 3 has arrived but not in the same guise as any previous conflict . The current World War is being fought mainly at the psychological or mental level and it will be a protracted and ceaseless covert war of attrition against humanity and not a war against any claimed virus . Small glass bottles and phials of vaccine virus will form the ammunition while the manufacturers and promoters and distributers and protectors and administers of the ammunition will form its soldiers .


Human cognitive manipulation will most likely form the main purpose of the now infamous and notorious world virus vaccination programme . Cognition is more correctly defined as the mental action or process of acquiring wisdom and foresight and intuitive awareness by thought and reasoning based upon the sum total of all collective and personal sensory experience . As with the proper functioning of human affairs generally it is contingent upon a healthy mind and body . At the foundation base micro level this proper functioning is essentially determined by full unimpeded development and growth of dendritic nerve cell spines . It is these spinal protrusions of the dendrite that are integral for effective nerve impulse transmission . If anything does interfere and intervene with such development and growth cognition will be permanently and irreversibly affected .

Although a crystalline virus does eventually self destruct it may reform as something completely different . This characteristic and ability is called transmutation and viruses are the only bio-organisms which have the capability to fully and thoroughly transmute and thereby lose all original appearance and distinguishing character . While virus mutation has become general knowledge virus transmutation is usually only generally known within the scientific community and those that control and direct this community . A former virus can also independently self replicate after transmutation . These two lesser known virus aspects acting in co-ordinated unison distinguish it amongst all other bio-organisms .

It therefore could be possible for a virus to transmute and become nerve cell dendritic spines and thereby influence nerve impulse transmission in a human being . If the transmuted dendritic spines were fully functional it would enhance nerve impulse transmission while conversely there would be a diminishment of such if the transmuted dendritic spines were completely sterile . Human intelligence is significantly determined by the rate and speed of thought assimilation and this is dependent upon nerve impulse transmittal effectiveness which is governed by dendritic spinal quantity and  quality . The word “ spineless ” when used insultingly is usually making reference to cowardliness but  it can also make reference to stupidity by dendritic spinal absence .

Different vaccines could be utilised for a variant result during this current virus scenario however despite the real intention behind the probable neuro mutant vaccination of 2021 no advanced humane society is ever governed by dictatorial centralised authoritarian assemblages forcibly exerting their wayward will over the general population by fraudulent deception . Humanity must thereby suffer until further awareness is achieved .


Vaccines are bio-chemical solutions that keep created viruses in crystalline form making them dormant or inactive whereby so-called booster vaccines are definitive chemical solutions that activate the dormant viruses by breaking their crystalline matrix structure . Predictably both a vaccine and booster vaccine have been chosen as the chief weapon of treatment for the claimed world-wide natural virus phenomenon .

The world’s largest and most influential multi-national pharmaceutical corporations are currently producing and manufacturing the booster vaccine which can be done relatively quickly because it is merely a simple straight chemical compound . Conversely a vaccine
– or virus in crystalline form – takes a much longer time to produce and manufacture as it is a complex bio-chemical requiring an extremely complicated genetic sequence code pattern and structure . Based upon current bio-technical knowledge and resources and also considering and factoring the huge logistics involved for a world-wide vaccine distribution the manufacture of such would have commenced in the year 2015 with the planning and development stages beginning well before that year .

The very short timeline of 21 days between vaccine – sleeping agent – injection and booster vaccine – trigger agent – injection may simply mean the crystalline structure of the injected virus would not be broken by the human immune system and therefore must be broken by an outside agent before the virus is naturally and harmlessly expelled from the body in its unbroken crystal form .

It is ironic that the publicised symptoms of this current claimed world-wide virus are similar to influenza when realising that influenza vaccines – viruses – have been freely dispensed throughout the world for many years . This would thereby strongly indicate that the current so-called virus – or more correctly the crystal virus vaccine – is just a more highly created and developed strain of influenza – with all viruses being genetically modified laboratory bacteria . A further irony arises concerning the size of a virus . It is larger than bacteria in crystal form – and probably the largest of all microbes and pathogens – but smaller than bacteria when in the active state . The next irony being that a virus is only crystalline in a vaccine and at no other time or on no other occasion . All viruses eventually self-destruct whilst in the host entity as an active agent without any visible detectable trace making this the ultimate virus irony and making the virus itself presently the ultimate biological weapon .

Fortunately injecting someone with a needle if done without their permission or consent does constitute a criminal act called malicious wounding which is accompanied by a significant term of imprisonment as a possible consequential penalty . Vaccination cannot thereby be made legally mandatory because its enforcement would contravene the criminal law of every world nation .

Everybody will be given a second chance during the intended vaccination procedure in Australia . That chance – akin to a computer warning message when something is being deleted – will revolve around the second needle injection . The legal disadvantage for those who are detrimentally affected by the forthcoming vaccination procedure is that the orchestrators will have legal protection by virtue of that second given procedural chance .

All sickness and disease and illness is not caused by any microbe or pathogen as a properly functioning immune system will expel or destroy any such invader . Boring as it may sound a healthy diet and lifestyle does make the concept of vaccination totally unnecessary . Human consumption of animal derived food – meat or poultry or egg or fish or dairy or honey – and other contaminants and poisons like alcohol or tobacco or medication or drugs or vitamin supplements or coffee or tea or confectionery or soft drink does not and never will form any part of a healthy diet while broadcast television watching or broadcast radio listening or gambling or roguery or competitive sport and game involvement or sleeping with the head raised on a pillow or unethical voluntary and paid employment participation or workaholism or uttering unprovoked abuse or conveying unwarranted criticism or engagement in unethical criminal activity or simultaneously walking and viewing a smartphone screen or unnecessarily wearing a face mask does not and never ever will form any part of healthy lifestyle .


Given the harmful and deadly nature of vaccines then those knowingly involved in their manufacture and distribution must possess legal protection to avoid criminal and civil liability especially when considering the immense and unprecedented scale applicable to the current claimed virus situation . In NSW Australia that legal protection is contained within Section 31 A of the Crimes Act 1900 NSW  whereby the rule of law regarding the committal or attempted committal of suicide has been removed however euthanasia does still remain illegal in accord with Section 31 C which does forbid the aiding and abetting aspect . The various criminal codes of most nations have now decriminalised suicide but few have legalised euthanasia so anybody who voluntarily does allow themselves to be vaccinated and prematurely die or suffer resultant injury will be covertly deemed a suicide or attempted suicide case and those responsible can never be held criminally or civilly accountable .

The sheer audacity and temerity of the scam warfare perpetrators must be admired by the casual & objective observer but ironically the same legislation that does afford legal immunity & protection to the perpetrators or instigators of this intending mass vaccination scenario also  does offer sound legal protection for the targeted and largely unsuspecting victims . As nobody can be coerced or induced to commit or attempt suicide it then would remain a simple matter to remind those involved and promoting the mass vaccination associated with the false virus phenomenon of the applicable criminal legislation & the imprisonment penalty concerning coercion or inducement . Those laws must remain entrenched otherwise such acts would then become murder which is condemned by all civilised societies . The same rationale is applicable to all aspects of the scam warfare scenario including  the wearing of mask .

Because a surgical style mask will restrict normal breathing when worn it then would become a form of asphyxiation or suffocation . If somebody does compel another person to wear such a mask then this would contravene Section 37 of the Crimes Act 1900 NSW which does make it illegal to suffocate a person while Section 44 does prohibit failure to provide the necessities of life by those who have a legal duty and obligation to do so and air must be considered a life essential . If a food service provider did prevent an unmasked person from obtaining basic food that would thereby constitute another different contravention of the stated Section 44 . The posting of signage outside retail stores and other public venues directing one to wear a mask would constitute a document containing threats of inflicting bodily harm upon a person which would thereby contravene Section 31 in the featured Crimes Act if enforced .


Predictably as of January 05th 2021 the virus – genetically modified bacteria – has been released upon the largely unsuspecting and indoctrinated world population as vaccines . Part of the indoctrination process has and still does involve the mandatory wearing of face masks in many public situations but a kinky aspect is attached to such practice because many occult sex orientated ritual gatherings also use face mask wearing . Sexual activity during these orgies would be considered very vigorous and sustained by normal standards and it does not involve use of the mouth . Face mask wearing by the general population is hence giving symbolic support and endorsement to that class of kinky sexual activity .

Contrary to what official sources claim rather than slow a real virus progression face mask wearing would exacerbate and facilitate an infectious virus spread by the increased body carbon dioxide level of such wearers . A very significant portion of humanity have now become potential living biological incubators for not only a virus but the whole gamut of micro-organisms and pathogens . Direct distribution of the virus in vaccine form to the eager and willing human incubators shall primarily mean an actual self induced spread .

Usual methodology will be deployed hence the vaccines will become the sleeping bio-chemical agent so a different trigger bio-chemical must also be utilised each time to activate every distributed vaccine . Depending upon the ultimate aim and purpose of the scam warfare initiators the physical distribution and activation effect could be anything from premature death to just simple and elemental genetic modification . Regardless of any physical effect the meta-physical consequences will undoubtedly be far reaching and ever lasting despite the mask party atmosphere giving a false impression by disguising the hidden agenda/s .


The world-wide phenomenon of a virus outbreak requiring co-ordinated regressive large scale control measures to combat its continuing spread doth possess all the hallmarks of one gigantic monumental scam with a multi-faceted hidden agenda . It is strongly doubtful that the pathogen called a virus – like its computer counterpart – could be considered in any way a natural occurrence . Firstly the scientific community have never biologically identified a virus as a totally living organism . Secondly viruses were once the largest of the micro-organisms but since the early 1970’s they have now been categorised smaller than bacteria. This change along with the lack of life characteristics strongly indicate that viruses are not only unnatural but are entirely an artificial man-made bio-chemical genetic entity which is continually being refined and developed . If so they could be called in their own right a biological weapon and a deliberately constructed instrument of biological warfare . While overt warfare does deliver quick and visible tangible results covert warfare is more effective because of its subtle nature . The general population will not recognise warfare of the covert type as such .

Because the new generation viruses have undergone a size reduction they may now only be seen with the aid of an electron microscope which is only used by a small segment of scientist and hence a very insignificant portion of the total population introducing a distinct possibility and making it highly probable that this virus phenomenon has been  entirely faked as only a few easily controllable individuals can determine the matter one way or the other . If the whole virus scenario has been faked with there being no actual virus surfacing at this stage it is thereby predominantly a propaganda war .

Propaganda is used as an instrument to impose a certain mentality or mindset upon an unsuspecting and gullible population and forms the prelude to the physical warfare whether overt or covert . While the actual final developed virus may not have surfaced yet the regressive control measures certainly have emerged in the form of such things as curfews & lockdowns & border closures & non-essential business closures & enforced quarantine & social isolation & store entry limitation & contact tracing registration . The most potent physical warfare thus far has been body temperature checks using thermometers that direct a concentrated infra-red beam at the forehead which penetrates the scull into the brain tissue when laser pointers using a similar but more intense infra-red beam have been legally classified as a prohibited weapon . This technology is dangerous and detrimental to human health when utilised in such a manner however the medical authorities have declared the practice safe by publishing more propaganda . The real virus which may have been developed before the virus scenario was enacted will undoubtedly surface on a large scale basis in the guise of mass vaccination and immunisation
– biological weaponry – constituting the main covert warfare .

Almost completely undetected were the computer viruses inflicted upon most of  the worlds computer networks and implemented during the height of the non-essential business closures . Only a mere handful of individuals would know the far reaching effects and consequences of such implementation .

In summary and conclusion if there was a genuine virus outbreak actually affecting a very small percentage of the population it would not and does not justify the regressive control measures taken to constrict and contain its progression . It is demonstrative of the classic situation whereby a vast majority suffer unnecessarily and needlessly for the sake of an insignificant minority . Loss of liberty and freedom is equal to any form of suffering and forms the basis of all human suffering .


Survey Question  –  Should the law be changed to allow same – sex couples to marry ?

YES   or   NO   –  mark one box only

Survey Result       number  and  percent of total

Electors – total       16 , 006 , 180

Voters – yes                                           7 , 817 , 247                      or   48 . 84 %   of   16 , 006 , 180
Voters – no                                             4 , 873 , 987                     or   30 . 45 %   of   16 , 006 , 180
informal  vote                                              36 , 686                      or   00 . 23 %   of   16 , 006 , 180
no  response                                         3 , 278 , 260                      or   20 . 48 %   of   16 , 006 , 180

Survey Review       not signed / not sealed / not delivered

In essence 79.52 % – the yes , no , and informal vote – of  the surveyed electors , consciously or unconsciously , supported marriage – or sexual control and repression – while 20.48 % of the surveyed electors – the non respondents – did not  so support marriage . The vote result would have been considered irrelevant and immaterial by its  orchestrators  providing over 50 % of electors lodged the form hence the emotive and heated 6 week lodgement prelude period . Two / 2  common English gaming  expressions exemplify and explain this scenario

a two horse race
   –   conventionally  meaning there being  only  2 possible results despite the participation  number or option choice  associated with an event – horse race – when in reality  there  exist only the  one  desired  outcome  of control  –  by feigned competition

horses for courses   –   conventionally meaning  different  people , horses , are suited  for different things or situations , courses , when  in  reality  horses , people , are  easier  lead both  individually  and  especially  collectively  along  clearly defined  and  outlined courses
– or  known and structured options requiring minimal personal thought and responsibility

A  true  legal  mandate  requires  a real  simple  majority of  half & half again which means at least 75 % total elector support and not  the  simplistic current corrupted  50 %  plus ( 1 ) of  the vote – or electors  that  voted  in  an  election  . Neither the Yes  or  No advocates  for the Marriage Law Postal Survey  of  2017 achieved that so there exist  no  mandate but a proper legal  mandate  on  such  an issue  would  have required at  least  90 %  total elector support

Because  the  pre-survey  legislation  defined  marriage  as  being  between a woman  and  a man  there  did not exist  reason for  a  NO  survey  form  option  other than  provoking mass form lodgement . In  a situation  whereby  YES   presented  as  the  only  survey option  then the  No  advocates  would  not  have  lodged  the  survey  form   thereby  making  the  whole exercise  a  true  survey  of  all  electors  rather  than it  being a vote amongst  an elector mix


It should be obvious that this so-called survey represents  an  election  and  not  expression of an opinion . The  main  hidden  agenda  behind this  unique  bar  coded  no  secret  ballot exercise concerns  the  attempted  obtainment  of  mass  consent  to  reinforce  the  present marriage law ( primarily  the  legal  definition  of  marriage )  both  domestically  and  world  wide .  Australia  has  adopted an  English Common Law  definition of marriage  being  …… the union of  a man and a woman to the  exclusion of  all  others  ,  voluntarily  entered  into for life ” as per  the  Marriage  Amendment  Act  2004  ( Federal ) and  thereby  incorporated  into  the  Marriage  Act  1961  (  Federal  ) . This  definition  implies  four  ( 4 )  main  or  prime elements for a  legally  valid  marriage . The  union ( marriage )  is  sexually  monogamous , life  long  ,  voluntary  ,  and   between   an   individual   man   and   an   individual   woman  .

Such   exclusive   lengthy   unions   are  not  only  unhealthy  and  unnatural  but represent society ‘s   ultimate   most   extreme   overtly  covert   general   repressive  control  measure .

The  real   election  for   this   particular  matter  as  with  all  elections  constitutes   whether  the   individual  elector   should  elect   to  become   a   voter  or   remain  an  elector .  If  one elects   becoming   a  voter  by  lodging   the  Australian   Bureau  of  Statistics   survey   form humanity ‘s  full  freedom of  sexual  expression  will  be further  eroded  and  diminished .