The normal human breathing rate is ranged between 12 to 20 breaths per minute . Surgical mask wearing will not necessarily affect the rate of breathing but more so does affect its intensity by increasing such . Breathing would be considered the essence and foundation for bio rhythmic generation so if its intensity is raised on a mass scale then life itself will also change by alteration and reconfiguration of the bio energy exchange cycle .

Human bio energy is interdimensionally harnessed in a covert manner . Agitation as opposed to serenity will invariably dominate on the earthly plane in order to maintain a continual and uninterrupted supply of bio energy for the interdimensional realm . It is no coincidence that exercise especially the more robust type such as running and repetitious usage of weights and exercise machines has been indirectly encouraged throughout the demic called Pan . This trend was well established many years beforehand so its direct connection to the overall fake virus scenario is not entirely obvious or apparent .

Raising the bio rhythmic intensity does form a hidden agenda of vaccination . Breathing patterns of vaccinated people ( or vax people ) along with mask wearing people ( or mask people ) and exercise conscious people ( or exercise people ) have subtly changed and do form the basis of bio rhythmic intensification . The alternate vax language word vemp an acronym of vax exercise mask person is defined as – one who has unwittingly altered their breathing intensity by either vaccination or exercise or masking or a combination of such . Vemptuous ( adjective ) is defined as – something exhibiting the character of a vemp while vemptuously ( adverb ) would be defined as – being characterised in the manner of a vemp .

There exist an English language term – the human field of endeavour . However one word is missing which when included will give the corrected term – the human ( energy ) field of endeavour . It doth partially illuminate the demic of Pan . In mythology Pan is really the god of mischief ( especially sexual mischief hence the words pansexual and pansexuality ) so that aforestated English language term can also be – the human field of ( mischievous ) endeavour . Mischief ( mis/chief ) can pervade every aspect of humanity and thereby so can Pan which does fully explain how the definition all has been attached to the prefix pan .


Vaccination does not achieve virus immunity . A virus will thrive and flourish in certain types of specific fatty animal protein abundant conditions and any vaccine must contain such , particularly gelatin and egg protein , as a vital and essential part of the bio-chemical compound mix . The only protection from a virus is generating natural body immunity through a specific vegan food intake and abstinence of all straight drug and medication and skin applicant usage . A skin applicant does include cosmetics and soap and lotion and oil and moisturiser and sunblock while a drug will include vitamin pill supplements .

A short duration consumption of the food items listed below or similar in combination with the above stated abstinence will destroy any active virus in the body and supply all body nutritional need . The body will obtain all the nutrients unhindered by harmful chemical contaminant and an active virus will be denied its nutrition and thereby starve . Permanent maintenance of such consumption and continual abstinence of all drug and medication and skin applicant usage will give the body full and complete life lasting virus protection . It will also cure and give life lasting natural immunity and protection for any other disease and sickness and illness .


Sample Food Item Selection List ( Australia )

– 200 g packet of Double D barley sugar drops ( glucose syrup 50 % ) Woolworths
– 375 g jar of Sanitarium natural smooth peanut butter ( roasted peanut 100 % ) C or W
– 1120 g packet of wheat biscuits ( whole grain wheat 99 % / salt ) Woolworths
– black berry ( ripe whole aggregate fruit ) any fruit shop and Coles or Woolworths
– mandarin ( ripe whole citrus tree fruit ) any fruit shop and Coles or Woolworths
– black or red or green grape ( ripe whole climbing vine fruit ) fruit shop & Coles or W
– mango & red papaya ( ripe whole tropical tree fruit ) fruit shop and Coles or Woolworths
– peach & nectarine & apricot & plum ( ripe whole stone fruit ) fruit shop and Coles or W


Pescatarian Deviation ( only if the need does arise )

– 425 g can of tuna chunks in spring water ( skipjack tuna 63 % ) Woolworths supermarket


note – such a food list is known as the Vegan Earth Swish Swash or VESS ( acronym )
note – all the items of a VESS list are singularly and collectively known as swish swash
note – swish swash items are sized for convenience and will not require cooking or heating
note – swish swash items are characterised by minimal deviation from a natural base food
note – weight listed items are sized for general health along with convenient consumption
note – due to expense other similar items may be discretionally obtained when on special
note – crush a few wheat biscuits in a plastic resealable lunch bag then consume dry
note – health star rating 5 ( peanut butter )
note – health star rating 4.5 ( wheat biscuits / tuna )
note – no health star rating ( barley sugar drops )


VESS – does avoid enclosed refrigerated food due to possible harmful dormant microbes
VESS – does avoid all tofu ( especially with magnesium chloride due to arthritic affect )
VESS – does avoid raw vegetable because only cooking will destroy the natural toxin
VESS – does avoid chilled drink because of possible unhealthy micro biotic inclusion
VESS – does avoid all canned fruit & all fruit juice due to toxic seed residue incorporation
VESS – does avoid tahini & tahina & sesame seed oil because extreme digestive blockage
VESS – does avoid all tree nuts because of difficult digestion and moisture depletion
VESS – does avoid banana and avocado and any derivative because of blood dilution
VESS – does avoid all melon because of difficult digestion and significant bloating
VESS – does avoid all baked beans as the paprika extract shall cause cellular toxicity
VESS – does avoid all form of coconut especially the water due to electrolytic imbalance


Whenever and wherever enforcement restriction is gradually eased during the fake world virus scenario the vaxoids ( those who forcibly and unnecessarily promote vaccination ) will class the general population as either vaccinated or unvaccinated and ignore that part of the community who are neither vaccinated or unvaccinated . This will invariably raise an impression that a person must be either one or the other . However this situation cannot be applicable if a person does not specifically involve themselves in such a matter .

During the last world war the most famous national example of the neither stance was adopted by Switzerland which remained neutral . It did not physically involve itself in that conflict by choosing or favouring one side over the other . The historical national neutrality that was applied and achieved by Switzerland on a macro level may be personally adopted and applied by any individual during the world virus charade .

A situation may arise where one is asked by a vaxoid for proof or vaccination before entry to a premise . The one being asked should then request the reason for that requirement . If it does become apparent whereby a deemed vaccinated person will be allowed entry but a deemed unvaccinated person will be refused entry then the neither stance could be taken . If one does present themselves as neither vaccinated or unvaccinated then logically and legally they cannot be refused such entry because of neither being one or the other .

The practical legal extension of this philosophical logic would be that anybody who has not been vaccinated is considered impaired or disable by the vaxoid mind . Discrimination law will now be applicable as generally nobody can be refused entry to any premise based upon impairment or disability . Although the vaxoid is really the impaired or disabled person it is legally inconsequential . The object of the exercise is drawing the connection between unvaccinated and impairment or disability .

To further illustrate this very important point a vaxoid could be given their own treatment by being asked whether they are mouse or marshmallow . If they do not reply or respond with neither then the point has thoroughly and irrefutably been made .


All medications and vaccines are broadly classified as a drug . They are artificially made chemical and bio-chemical substances that cause harm to human health and ultimately will contribute to premature death . Medications do posses a defined chemical formula whereas vaccines do not have such . A vaccine could thereby be defined as a medication without a formula . This little publicised fact does make a vaccine the most dangerous and deadly drug known to humanity because of the unpredictable long term consequences .

There is no such thing as a safe drug . All drugs without exception will detrimentally affect the human body . The effects of some drugs will be more potent than others so when medical authorities rate the safety of a particular drug it is based upon a comparative basis only . Comparative safety methodology does veil the real situation and is deliberately designed to misguide and mislead . Quackery is still abounding within the current medical fraternity and has been refined to the point where a particular class of quacks called medical advisers have been given an undeservedly revered status .

In the organised criminal drug trade there exist three loose categories of firstly drug lord being positioned toward the hierarchical top and secondly drug pusher being placed toward the hierarchical middle and thirdly junkie who will take the hierarchical bottom of this simplistic illustrative outline . A junkie is dictionary defined as one with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency upon something . A conventional examination of this current world fake virus scenario will equate a vaccine manufacturer as the drug lord then medical authority and government as the drug pusher then a vaccine recipient as the junkie .

An intelligent viewpoint however will see the drug lord and the drug pusher as the junkie or more fully and descriptively expressed as the viro vax junkie or vaxoid while the vaccine recipient or vaxee is merely the unwitting victim of such . The vaxoid is obsessed with the creation of a false and fraudulent mass vaccination scenario for selective group power and control . When the a and x letters are removed from the newly devised word vaxoid the word void will remain . That does perfectly reveal and expose the mentality of those who needlessly intervene and forcefully promote vaccination . All void and no substance . They will never openly concede that a naturally healthy human being is not susceptible or vulnerable to disease or sickness or illness .

The real key to a naturally healthy general population is allowing the individual complete determination of their own health matters instead of interfering domineering governance . However that will always appear too simplistic for an authoritarian mind who cannot resist a quick fix and a multiple hit in both their full word sense and extended word meaning .


CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 officially named by the World Health Organisation ( WHO )
on February 11th 2020 is usually abbreviated to COVID – 19 by a selection of letters and numbers within the full term . However unofficially it does represent the first letter of certain words and the last two numbers of the chosen year and the appearance but not inclusion of the two key missing words and two key extrapolated words . . . . . . Contain Ostracise Vilify Irrationalise Discredit ( the ) one 1 ( in ) nine 9

That above mentioned unofficial derived version is depicting the verb form hence making it a sentence of command . It may also be interpreted as an order . The noun form of such with the appearance but not inclusion of three key words and two key extrapolated words will become . . . . . . Containment Ostricisation Vilification Irrationalization Discreditation
( of the ) one 1 ( in ) nine 9 . . . . . . with both the verb and noun form of the unofficial derived version also serving as mottos .

Addition of total letters in the main word body of the prior stated verb form will calculate as 6 + 9 + 6 + 13 + 9 = 41 while the addition of total letters in the main word body of the prior stated noun form will calculate as 11 + 13 + 12 + 17 + 14 = 67 . By reducing the two calculated totals to single numbers . . . . . . 4 + 1 = 5 ( total ) and 6 + 7 = 13 then 1 + 3 = 4
( total ) . . . . . . it will give by the addition of the reduction totals . . . . . . 5 + 4 = 9 . . . . . . with 9 being the number of completion which does temporarily become fait accompligame over

However COVID – 19 hath now been decoded which will mean continuation of the game afresh . The derived number form of the one in nine expressed as a fraction will become
1 / 9 th while expressed as a percentage will become 11.1111 per cent repeated infinitively . Viro vax survey statistics do portray this percentage figure as the segment of the eligible population that will not choose vaccination as an option .

Corona as a word does chiefly define as the gaseous envelope of star . It doth broadly mean the atmosphere of a star which will also include its photon belt . All stars possess a photon belt . The interaction between the photon belt of our sun and that of the star called Alcyone has begun and already a slight phosphorescent luminous night glow can now be detected as outlined in the Photon Earth Vax post by those with the required awareness and insight . That glow is manifesting from night to day rather than day to night .

Ultimately the entire hidden agenda of the fake viro vax scenario has been directed toward the one in nine . It will now become a prolonged and protracted contest between the ego driven motivation of those that have orchestrated this situation and the ethical conscience derived resilience of those who ignore the contrived extortionist enticement of vaccination as a viable health measure . The bulk of humanity will act as unwitting spectators .


The current fake and fraudulent virus scenario has been bolstered with the pivotal strategic term of anti-vaxer . World viro vax government have become growingly dependent upon this particular hyphenated word as a way of deflecting their unethical extortionist enforcement of vaccination upon a begrudging and resentful global population .

While vax is representative of a simplified and convenient single word for both vaccination and vaccine the term or word anti-vaxer does miserably fail as such because there exist no opposite equivalent . The word vaxer could be used and tentatively defined as the person who will and doth physically administer the vaccine or vax to another person and may eventually become the common word for a person who is given this function as there does not presently exist a readily identifiable single word for such . That other person or recipient of the vaccine could be called the vaxee which may consequently become equatable with the two words of vaccinated person . There cannot subsequently exist an opposite term for vaxer as that word is confined to a person with a specific duty and is not grammatically extendable to a concept or procedure or process .

The term anti-vaxxer was listed by major dictionaries around the year 2009 so it is cited as a very recent creation with an even more recent general recognition but not general usage . It is only mentioned and used by authoritarian sources which alone does explicitly indicate the present virus scenario as a complete and monumental orchestrated scam and fraud .

Anti-vaxxer with a double x – letter arrangement in the newly created hyphenated word is imitating the double – c letter arrangement in the word vaccine . As the cc of vaccine does represent a single x – letter sound it must be shown by a single x – letter if spelt that way and English spelling rules do forbid the doubling of the last word consonant letters of w and x and y .

Furthermore the term anti-vaxxer was undoubtedly created by authoritarian sources as the ordinary general population never commonly use the word . It was deliberately designed as a derogatory term to conjure an unfavourable image and discredit any opposition for the world vaccination programme but it has backfired as such by the previously outlined word logic . If that word is used by anybody it will instantly reveal them as either dictatorial authoritarians or unintelligent authoritarian sympathizers .

Perhaps the English expression or idiom the devil is in the detail should become the devil will be revealed by the detail . Devils images are often depicted with a pitchfork because they speak with a forked tongue . Those who are driving the current fake virus scenario are definitely pitching the fork so they should be easily perceived as devils in a very thinly veiled disguise .


Although a virus is made by genetic modification of bacteria it like natural occurring micro-organisms may detrimentally affect more complex earthly lifeforms if they are unhealthy . No natural micro-organism can detrimentally affect a healthy lifeform . The whole problem with human health and wellbeing is specific determination of what will constitute good health . Unfortunately ego does often present an obstacle in such determination .

Optimum human health does mainly involve consumption of suitable food . While eating animal derived food is possible for a human being such cannot be fully digested by the body as unlike carnivorous animals a human does not possess all the required digestive enzymes for that function . Modern humanity has now reached a level whereby a full range of plant food is readily available subject to politically motivated interruption of supply and production . Some forms of available plant derived food are better and more suitable than others so leaving aside more specialist concepts such as pristine natural mineralised water drinking and breatharianism it will then become a matter of personal selection from the entire offering within the plant food range .

Many dietary health sources will place more emphasis upon raw plant food rather than fully processed plant food but surprisingly simple processed plant food is generally the better option . If an individual does find and consume healthy food there is no need of any other consumptive uptake such as medicine and drugs . Vaccines unlike their entirely chemical medicine and drug counterparts are biologically produced substances that supposedly contain a replicated virus part . However in reality vaccines are complex bio-chemical solution compounds which house a dormant virus awaiting to be awakened .

In Australia approximately 41 per cent of the population 16 years of age and above have been fully vaccinated for the current so-called pandemic virus . To place that statistic in better perspective approximately 41 per cent of those Australians over the age of 16 years have been virus contaminated . They have thereby become definitive virus carriers and will eventually suffer the effects of such in varying degrees . No thinking individual who does adopt a healthy lifestyle would ever willingly become vaccinated . Given the current fake world virus scenario the first simple step to good health is refusing virus contamination .


Earth in its physical cosmic journey through space first encountered the photon belt of a star called Alcyone for this occasion on February 04th 1962 . Yet another age of Aquarius began with the passing of that date as yet another age of Pisces ended . It doth form part of the  Great Cycle as our Solar System is continuing its orbital path around Alcyone . Each such orbit currently will take approximately  24,000 years  to complete with the Sun and its Solar System being the 7th one of Alcyone . The duration of each earthly Astrological age is approximately 2,000  years as there are 12 such . There are thus two photon ages lasting approximately  2,000  years each and two breaks between such lasting approximately 10,000  years each during one entire orbit . Physically the full intensity of a Photon age is characterised by a continual glowing phosphorescent luminous sky or atmosphere rather than the present distinct day and night sky . This change may be sudden or gradual . A gradual change will occur if the Sun does first encounter and interact with the photon belt while the change would be sudden if the Earth first made such encounter and interaction before the Sun . It is more apparent that our Sun has made the first such encounter on this particular occasion hence the underlying reason for the changing climate and weather patterns of the past few decades and the thus far maintenance of definitive day and night .

World government and the scientific and academic community along with their aligned and associated parties will not acknowledge this occurrence because it would result in their loss of control and power over the general world population . The Earth traversion of the Alcyone Photon Belt at a foundation base mental level does bring full and thorough enlightenment to all intelligent lifeforms . As a desperation measure the present never to be enlightened misguided controllers of earthly affairs are doing everything within their limited and underdeveloped intelligence to block the enlightenment power of the Alcyone generated photon energy . Some their efforts to date have included cloud seeding under the guise of stimulating rainfall for agricultural purposes , chemclouds and chemtrails which has involved spraying the upper atmosphere with compounds of barium and aluminium , and creation of an ozone layer in the extreme upper atmosphere falsely claiming such as natural . Environmentalism has been used as indoctrination in the promotion of a perceived need for an atmospheric ozone layer and a false explanation regarding its deterioration . The prize piece of current environmental indoctrination would undoubtedly be that ocean and fresh water sharks form a natural and necessary part of the biological animal kingdom and should be unconditionally protected as an endangered lifeform . If that be so then perhaps those who instigated such demented thought should swim amongst a school of hungry bloodthirsty sharks .

Akin to the outlined environmental indoctrination would be the current fake and bogus world virus scenario with mass vaccination as its main objective . The most direct method of blocking the enlightenment power of the Alcyone photon energy for intelligent earthly humans would be using the human mind / body itself to prevent such and as previously stated in the Neuro Mutant Vax 2021 post this could be achieved by restricting the full development of human nerve cell dendritic spines and thereby detrimentally affect nerve impulse transmission . It is no coincidence that mass scale vaccination is being conducted to coincide with the initial Earth traverse through the Alcyone Photon Belt under the false guise of protection against a virus which in reality does not exist .


The global fake virus scenario has now reached the next level which will mean total fixation upon the mass vaccine virus distribution and its administration . Fixation as a conceptual tool of a fraudulent activity does involve more than the initial obsessive preoccupation whether actual or feigned . All world nations have now directly experienced the obsessive preoccupation of governments and their associated parties by varying degrees through the unnecessary imposed restrictions such as border closures and lockdowns and curfews and contact tracing and enforced medical testing and compulsory face mask wearing and quarantine which has culminated in the distribution of the laboratory created virus through the various available vaccines . Obsessive preoccupation of fixation does eventually progress and emerge as obsessive attachment and does finally reach the obsessive dependency stage . The very credibility and continued existence of current deluded world government at every level does now involve both the obsessive attachment and obsessive dependency fixation aspect concerning the population being voluntarily vaccinated . Mass media has been positioned at the forefront of the indoctrination process and is delivering unabatedly the virus misinformation to the trusting world population .

Those that are driving and implementing the preplanned fraudulent world virus agenda are now also increasing the momentum for the legalisation of euthanasia throughout the world . As previously indicated the full legalisation of euthanasia would give sound legal protection to the knowing instigators of the virus fiction with its resultant distribution and administration of the poisonous vaccines by circumnavigating the various established and entrenched world wide criminal codes concerning murder . Vaccination certificates will be emailed to vaccinated people in Australia so it should be apparent that those without such will have more limited opportunity by comparison . The auxiliary to the vaccination certificate could be a vaccination passport which may further restrict the unvaccinated .

Mania is directly linked and bound with fixation and alternate highly elevated levels of enthusiasm combined with corresponding extreme levels of despondency represent its underlying fundamental characteristics . A maniac can only reduce the despondency by fixation and the enthusiasm gained from such . Megalomania which is defined as obsession with the exercise of power and control will create and complete the motivating factors propelling the world virus scam . A continuous unrelenting virus scenario does provide an ideal environment for the  cycle of fixation / mania / megalomania to flourish . These three phenomenon feed & fuel each other so it is irrelevant as to which does precede the other .

It could be said that all those involved in the monumental self generated virus illusion have become drug addicts and need their fix . Unlike the conventional drug addicted person their addiction is present at the mental level . Fixation with contrived illusionary circumstances will become the mental fix and the perpetual three fold cycle previously mentioned does provide the impetus for the continuation and preservation of the illusion .


Yet another major class division within the world population shall arise from the present fake virus situation between those who will be legally recognised as vaccinated and those who will not be legally recognised as vaccinated . It will also establish a major sub-division of those who will not have been vaccinated and claim to have been vaccinated & those who will have been vaccinated and claim not to have been vaccinated . Those who control could be considered perversely competent economist as at least two major world class divisions shall be created by one single false virus scenario . It will give the English expression “ two for the price of one ” an extra dimension of significance .

There would exist two main reasons for the general population deciding upon personal vaccination . Firstly , people have been persuaded and convinced by trickery and deception that the claimed virus situation is genuine and vaccines are consequently necessary and beneficial . Secondly , a fear of authoritarian reprisal and mistreatment against anyone who does not become vaccinated especially if a majority choose vaccination .  A minority group in any society is often placed at the mercy of the majority and given the misguided zeal and determination displayed so far from controlling sources an unvaccinated minority would most likely become severely disadvantaged . The instigators and orchestrators of the fraudulent world virus phenomenon and their able and obliging cohorts are deliberately distributing the virus laden vaccines slowly which will give maximum opportunity for the overall staged indoctrination process to take full effect . The final and completed process of indoctrination will add new meaning to the English expression “ give and take ” .

Regardless of whether the unvaccinated do form a majority or minority the divide will have been none-the-less created . Planet Earth has already experienced two world wars in recent history and many smaller scale wars amongst various deluded segments of the world population . Underlying all earth based war is battle for control of the human conscience . It could be said that World War 3 has arrived but not in the same guise as any previous conflict . The current World War is being fought mainly at the psychological or mental level and it will be a protracted and ceaseless covert war of attrition against humanity and not a war against any claimed virus . Small glass bottles and phials of vaccine virus will form the ammunition while the manufacturers and promoters and distributers and protectors and administers of the ammunition will form its soldiers .