As every single human made law cannot be applied to everybody in a society unlike the natural or scientific law then the exemption factor does require some basic examination .
A legal exemption may be given to those who contrive and enforce the law and some who shall be subject to such . Under an enforceable legal system both these outlined parties may be alternatively viewed as transgressors of law and the determination as to who is such at any particular instance will be dependent upon ethical law .

Ultimately an enforceable human law can broadly be seen as ethical or unethical when the exemption factor is removed . This is best illustrated by selective example of ethical and unethical law . Ethical law is classed as beneficial for everybody in a society while unethical law will be classed as harmful to all .

An illustrative example of an ethical law would be that carriage of a loaded firearm by a person is illegal . Loaded firearm carriage does represent a danger to everybody in society and no sane or sensible individual could dispute such . Despite the ethical premise of such a law those who control do create an exemption category with the police at the pinnacle thereof . A police officer may legally carry a loaded firearm when on duty despite a plethora of lethal unnecessary police shootings throughout the world over the course of time . Self protection does form the usual explanation for a police shooting .

The self protection excuse is easily debunked as an implied contractual arrangement has been established whereby a police officer must sacrifice themself in the performance of their duty if necessary to protect the community . When the police shoot somebody the self sacrificial aspect is quickly forgotten and replaced with the attitude of shoot first and then assess the situation afterward . Better to be a living coward rather than a dead hero does become the prevailing and overriding rationale .

However , an episode of a police shooting will first require a removal of the ethical premise whereby nobody can carry a loaded firearm and this removal is achieved with a legal and lawful exemption . Those who legislate this particular firearm exemption and the police who carry the loaded firearm can now be ethically labeled as criminal regardless of what the legislative law doth state . In essence all police that carry a loaded firearm whilst on duty are nothing more than cowardly criminals who conveniently and deliberately break their community contract .

An illustrative example of an unethical law would be the mandatory wearing of a face mask to stop a spread of a supposed virus . Such an illogical practice does restrict normal human breathing and is hence harmful to health . Children under the age of 12 became the major legal exemption category . In this situation those who did make and enforced that stupid nonsensical law also did reveal themselves as fully fledged criminals of the lowest order by virtue of the underlying ethical law . This criminality does especially extend to all silly and thoughtless parents who did make their children under the age of 12 wear a face mask .

Another example for an unethical law would be the situation whereby a hospital surgeon can legally remove the organ of somebody upon the opinion that death shall eventually result if such an operation is not performed . The usual case for such a scenario would without doubt be a cancer diagnosis . Yes , the surgeon does legally gain the consent of the traumatised patient but there is no mention of a healthier lifestyle as an obvious remedy . An ethical law in this circumstance should be no organ removal for a cancer diagnosis . Any hospital surgeon who does perform such a heinous operation would automatically be seen as a criminal in accord with ethical law .

Based upon the illustrations an exemption for the ethical law will become the unethical law while an exemption for the unethical law shall become the ethical law . This reversal does translate into a legal frame flip . If there does exist a statute law that is made without an exemption then it may be meritoriously assessed as either unethical or ethical .

There may occur a situation whereby a piece of legislation contained within one legislative act will contradict some legislation contained within another legislative act . If a scenario such as this does develop the older act should take precedence over the newer act . Dominance of the newer act over the older act would require an amendment or repeal upon the older in such an outlined ambiguous legislative contradiction case to avoid any possible conflict .

Legislative parliamentary law that is unethical cannot redeem the action of anyone who does act under such . The ethical path should be clear for it is deeply embedded in the very essence of every human being . Unfortunately the world human population is being rapidly contaminated by something much more dangerous than any fake virus . There is now arising from the murky mire of iniquity the age old charlatan who doth vainly think that everyone can be fooled . Any charlatan of this persuasion should seriously develop some meaningful and beneficial altruistic intelligence and cease the unwanted interference .

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