graeme  ( edwina )  strang   2016



photographer  Yawei  Liu
Master of Journalism  student
University of New South Wales
for Uni Poll Watch 2016




                                                          graeme  ( edwina )  strang   2013


INTERNATIONAL  VOICE  ALPHABET  –  IVA   based upon a selection of the 193 member countries of the United Nations plus two mythical place names was formed on  June 28th 2020  as a more credible replacement for the commonly called  NATO phonetic alphabet .

–  Angola

B  –  Bolivia

C  –  Cuba

D  –  Dominica

E  –  Ethiopia

 –  France

G  –  Ghana

H  –  Honduras

I  –  Indonesia

J  – Jamaica

K  –  Kuwait

L  –  Liberia

M  –  Mexico

N  –  Nigeria

O    Oman

P  –  Peru

Q  –  Qatar

R  –  Romania

S  –  Somalia

T  –  Togo

U  –  Uganda

V  –  Venezuela

W  –  Woopwoop

X  –  Xanadu

Y  –  Yemen

Z  –  Zambia




 –  none but also does function as a single letter word /  ay  of  day 

 –  be  /  the perceived manifestation of something that exist

 –  sea  /  the entire expanse of salt water that doth cover the earth surface

D  –  Dee  /  a female name

E  –  ee  /  an exclamation

F  –  none  /  ef  of the female name Effie

G  –  gee  /  an exclamation

H  –  aitch  /  the only English alphabet letter that is directly spelt

I  –  eye  /  the biological animal organ of sight

J  –  Jay  /  a male name

K  –  Kay  /  a female name

L  –  none  /  el  of the female name Ella

M  –  em  /  a unit of measurement that is used in the printing trade

N  –  en  /  a unit of measurement that is used in the printing trade

O  –  owe  /  an obligation to compensate at a future time

P  –  pee  /  urinate

Q  –  queue  /  an arranged line of people or things awaiting allocation or placement

R  –  are  /  the determination & expression of an existing perceived situation

S  –  ess  /  having  a shape of the letter S

T  –  tea  /  a mild liquid plant based drug

U  –  you  /  the other person

V  –  vee  /  having a shape of the letter V

W  –  double you  /  twice of the same one  &  the other person

 –  ex  /  former  or prior

Y  –  why  /  a reason or an explanation

Z  –  none  /  z  of the word zip  &  ed  of the word eddy


note  –  all 26 letters do function as a single word which does mean that particular letter
note  –  there exist no separate spelt word for an English alphabet letter except  ( haitch
note  –  the letter  a  does also function as an  indefinite article
note  –  the  letter  ( capitalised )  does also function as a  personal pronoun
note  –  the 4 letters preceding the  h  of the word  aitch  do serve as  silent  ones
note  –  the letters of substitutive words are deemed silent except for a single depicted one
note  –  the word  queue  is hence proceeded by 4 silent letters
note  –  headquarters  abbreviated ( HQ )  is both preceded & proceeded by 4 silent letters 
note  –  the letters of the substitutive words  sea  &  see  &  eye  &  aye  are hence all silent 



the following  letter  combinations  found at the beginning of words each
represent a distinctive sound  except   kn  and   gh   and   wr   where  the
h    of    gh     &     k    of    kn     &     w    of    wr    are   silent

 ,  cr  ,  dr  ,  fr  ,  gr  ,  kr  ,  pr  ,  tr  ,  wr

bl  ,  cl  ,  fl  ,  gl  ,  pl  ,  sl


dw  ,  sw  ,  tw   


sk  ,  sm  ,  sn   


sc  ,  sp  ,  st 


ch  ,  sh  ,  th  ,  wh


scr  ,  spl  ,  spr  ,  str


LETTER  –  / A /  –  USAGE  –  as a word beginning


a  /  prefix  /  not  ,  without

a  /  motion  /  onward  ,  away

a  /  state  /  at  ,  into

a  /  position  /  from  ,  away  ,  in

a  /  add  before  /  sc  ,  sp  ,  st




am  ,  be  ,  do  ,  is  

could  ,  should  ,  would

was  ,  were  ,  will  ,  shall

can  ,  may  ,  might  ,  must

had  ,  has   ,  have 

being  ,  doing  ,  having

are  ,  did  ,  does


ought  or  aught  ,  dare  ,  need  ,  been  /  peripheral auxiliary verbs

doth  ,  dost   /  archaic  for  does  &  do

not  /  used with an auxiliary verb to form the negative 


note  –  auxiliary verbs can seemingly be made a full verb by omission of the subject verb
note  –  never use more than two  ( 2 )  auxiliary verbs before the particular subject verb




art  –  are / 2nd / singular / present

dost  –  do / 2nd / singular / present  (  does )

doth  –  do / 3rd / singular / present

– est  / regular verbs  /  2nd / singular / present

– eth  / regular verbs  /  3rd / singular / present

hast  –  have / 2nd / singular / present

hath  –  have / 3rd / singular / present

shalt  –  shall / 2nd / singular / future

thee  –  2nd / singular / object

thou  –  2nd / singular / subject

wast  –  be / 2nd / singular / past

wert  –  be / 2nd / imperfect / singular

wilt  –  will / 2nd / singular / future




anon  –  soon

aught  –  anything

behold  –  exclamation / see & observe

befall  –  happen  /  occur

beseech  –  urgently implore

besought  –  beseech / past tense

twixt  –  between

betwixt  –  during the interval

carven  –  carve / past participle

clave  –  cleave / past tense

crave  –  request

dolven  –  delve / past participle

durst  –  dare / past tense & participle

hearken  –  exclamation / listen

hither  –  to this place / on this side

thither  –  towards that place

mayhap  –  perhaps

mote  –  may / might

nigh  –  near

nonce  –  for the time being

prithee  –  expression of a wish or request  /  please

sire  –  address for a male person of high social status

unto  –  to , onto , upon

wist  –  past tense of wit / possessing particular knowledge of an event or occurrence

withal  –  together

nay  –  no

yea  –  yes

yon  –  over that short distance

yonder  –  over that long distance

yore  –  long  ago




bane  –  something that will cause death

boon  –  favour / gift

bruit  –  report or rumour

damsel  –  young unmarried woman of noble birth

ditty  –  short and simple song

fane  –  temple or shrine

fardel  –  a burden / a bundle or collection

forsooth  –  in truth or reality

flighty  –  guided by whim

hallow  –  a saint or holy person

haply  –  by chance or luck  or accident

kine  –  cattle / particularly cows

maiden  –  young unmarried woman of common birth

meed  –  deserved praise or honour

morrow  –  the time following an event / near future

orison  –  reverent petition to a deity

ort  –  food scrap from a meal

palfrey  –  docile riding horse

palter  –  deliberately unclear or misleading

puissant  –  possessing great power or influence

raiment  –  clothing

thrall  –  slave or servant or captive

troth  –  pledge of faith and loyalty / truth

twaddle  –  talking nonsense

turnkey  –  prison keeper

wain  –  wagon or cart

welkin  –  the sky or heaven

wench  –  vivacious young woman

wont  –  customarily / regularly

wroth  –  anger




your  –  fusion of  /  thy  &  thine

you  –  combination of  /  thou  /  thee  /  ye

audio  –  does  contain  80 per cent  vowel letters

strength  –  does  contain  87.5 per cent  consonant letters

aitch  –   H / the only letter of the English alphabet that is spelt

mystery  –  misery  without a  ( t – letter  or cross )  &  with an extra  (  y 4 i  )

revelation  –  an explained mystery that will become another mystery



( who are commoners and not of the aristocracy or royalty )


Messrs  ( pronounced  –  MESSers ) plural of  singular Mr  ( Mister – origin master )

Mmes  ( pronounced  –  MayDAM )  plural of singular Mrs  ( Missus – origin mistress )

Miss  –  title of an unmarried woman who is desirous of marriage – origin mistress

Ms  –  ( pronounced  –  Miz )  title of a married or unmarried woman  – origin mistress


note  –  a commoner is a landowner or a potential future landowner by legal right

note  –  one without any recognised land ownership potential is untitled

note  –  current law generally doth recognise all commoners as potential landowners

note  –  earthly land should be shared by all

note  –  the current form of land ownership doth prevent earthly land being shared by all

note  –  the term commoner should be synonymous with shared common land

note  –  a title is being used patronisingly by the world aristocratic state hierarchy

note  –  corruption of the commoner doth form the desire of those who so patronise

note  –  a commoner should reject a personal title and a land ownership title

note  –  a commoner who hath 1 to 8 knowledge & doest 9 shall uphold the divine lore

note  –  a commoner who does uphold the divine lore will be master or mistress


X  –  WORD  LIST  /  base words of  5 + letters  without a  Y  or  Z  &  no  X  or  ex  –  start


axiom  –  a formally recognised and established self evident statement of a natural law

anxious  –  feeling of unease

borax  –  a multiple use mineral salt compound containing sodium and boron

buxom  –  a woman with a noticeably full and curvaceous figure

climax  –  the peak resultant intensity of desired effort

codex  –  an ancient manuscript text in book form

complex  –  a structured array which is serving a purpose

flummox  –  bewilder

index  –  an alphabetical reference of a book or file which cross matches subject and page

lexicon  –  word compilation

matrix  –  an intermeshed environment of artificial development

maximum  –  upper limit

mixture  –  a combination of different things

nexus  –  a series of connections / central or focal point

paradox  –  a functional contradiction

parallax  –  apparent positional change of observed objects from different viewpoints

perplex  –  baffle

philodox  –  lover of own opinion

pixel  –  digital dots that comprise a screen image

pixie  –  a small pointed eared folklore character

proxy  –  the authority to represent another

sextant  –  an navigation instrument with a graduated 60 degree arc for measuring angles

toxic  –  poisonous

textile  –  cloth or woven fabric

vixen  –  a women whose sexual attractiveness is derived from a feisty character

vortex  –  the suctional centre of a whirlpool or whirlwind






triple  one   1 + 1 + 1 = 3  :  1 + 11 = 12  :  11 + 1 = 12   add  subs   3 + 12 + 12 = 27   ( 9 )

triple  two   2 + 2 + 2 = 6  :  22 + 2 = 24  :  2 + 22 = 24   add subs   6 + 24 + 24 = 54   ( 9 )

triple  three   3 + 3 + 3 = 9  :  33 + 3 = 36  :  3 + 33 = 36   add subs   9 + 36 + 36 = 81   ( 9 )

triple  four   4 + 4 + 4 = 12  :  44 + 4 = 48  :  4 + 44 = 48   add subs   12 + 48 + 48 = 108   ( 9 )

triple  five   5 + 5 + 5 = 15  :  5 + 55 = 60  :  55 + 5 = 60   add subs   15 + 60 + 60 = 135   ( 9 )

triple  six   6 + 6 + 6 = 18  :  66 + 6 = 72  :  6 + 66 = 72   add subs   18 + 72 + 72  =  162   ( 9 )

triple  seven   7 + 7 + 7 = 21  :  7 + 77 = 83  :  77 + 7 = 83   add subs   21 + 83 + 83 = 187   ( 16 / 7 )

triple  eight   8 + 8 + 8 = 24  :  88 + 8 = 96  :  8 + 88 = 96   add subs   24 + 96 + 96  =  216   ( 9 )

triple  nine   9 + 9 + 9 = 27  :  9 + 99 = 108  :  99 + 9 = 108   add subs   27 + 108 + 108 = 243   ( 9 )


adding the reduction of each individual total then reducing

that total to a single number   . . . . . .   79 / 16 / 7




triple  one   144 , 000  divided by   27   =   5333 . 33333      ( 29 / 11 / 2 )

triple  two   144 , 000  divided by   54   =   2666 . 66666      ( 51 / 6 )

triple  three   144 , 000  divided by   81   =   1777 . 77777      ( 58 / 13 / 4 )

triple  four   144 , 000  divided by   108   =   1333 . 33333     ( 25 / 7 )

triple  five   144 , 000   divided by   135   =   1066 . 66666      ( 44 / 8 )

triple  six   144 , 000   divided by   162  =  888 . 888888      ( 73 / 10 / 1 )

triple  seven   144 , 000   divided by   187   =   770 . 053475      ( 39 / 12 / 3 )

triple  eight   144 , 000   divided by   216   =   666 . 666666      ( 49 / 13 / 4 )

triple  nine   144 , 000   divided by   243   =   592 . 592592      ( 48 / 12 / 3 )


adding the reduction of each individual total then reducing

that total to a single number   . . . . . .   38 / 11 / 2


note  <   divisions of  144 , 000   are not rounded upward to the next whole number

note  <   the unreduced sub totals of the first table are used as dividers of  144,000

note  <   144 , 000   divided by   999  =  144 . 144144

note  <   final reduction total   7   plus   2   equals   9   (  the number of completion  )

note  <   all divisions of   144 , 000   were only calculated to nine digits

note  <   666  and  888  are singularly perpetual and eternal and interchangeable

note  <   777  is the vital triple that doth lay between  666  and  888

note  <   777  will give total completion because its division dost not repeat

note  <   777   is covertly known as the  Devil ‘s number  (  not  666  )

note  <   666   is overtly known as the  Devil ‘s number  (  not  777  )

note  <   humanity is both perpetual and eternal by and through interchangeability

note  <  interchangeability doth lay between the triple 6 and triple 8

note  <  interchangeability does use the triple 7 as the pivot or pivotal

note  <   nothing can exist without interaction with another

note  <   no interaction can occur without the difference of the vital

note  <   144 , 000  is seen as a constant but hath interconnection with the triple 999




1 )  gluttony  –  unnecessary and unhealthy indulgence

2 )  lust  –  intense desire for more unnecessary and unhealthy indulgence 
3 )  avarice  –  desire for the unobtainable 
4 )  anger  –  frustration of being denied the unobtainable
5 )  sloth  –  the apathy and indifference of being denied the unobtainable 
6 )  sadness  –  state of rejection and realisation of an illusionary denied loss 
7 )  vainglory  –  fixation upon gain and achievement 
8 )  pride  –  obsession with gain and achievement
1 )  superbia (  hubris  )
2 )  avaritia  (  avarice  )
3 )  luxuria  (  extravagance  )
4 )  invidia  (  envy  )
5 )  gula  (  gluttony  )
6 )  ira  (  wrath  )
7 )  acedia  (  sloth  )
note  –  the Eight Evil Thoughts are applicable both generally and specifically 
note  –  the Eight Evil Thoughts are seen as the precursor of the Seven Deadly Sins
note  –  the Seven Deadly Sins doth exclude vainglory
note  –  the Seven Deadly Sins did originally state extravagance for lust
note  –  a sexual connotation for lust is deliberate distortion of the Seven Deadly Sins 
note  –  that deliberate distortion hath given notoriety to the Seven Deadly Sins
note  –  the notoriety of the Seven Deadly Sins has eclipsed the Eight Evil Thoughts  




English questions are formed by these interrogative words


interrogative adverbs

how – enquiry of manner or method

why – enquiry of explanation or purpose

when – enquiry of time

where – enquiry of place


interrogative pronouns


what – determiner of general classification

which – determiner of general differentiation

who – determiner of personal identity

whom – determiner of personal responsibility

whose – determiner of personal possession




note – the 1st question in a separate group is shown as the future tense
note – the 2nd question in a separate group is shown as the present tense
note – the 3rd question in a separate group is shown as the past tense


the backward question expression for . . . how

How will that huge rock be moved ?
How is that huge rock being moved ?
How was that huge rock moved ?

the forward question expression for . . . how

That huge rock will be moved how ?
That huge rock is being moved how ?
That huge rock was moved how ?

the backward question expression for . . . why

Why will the clear day sky always be coloured blue ?
Why is the clear day sky always coloured blue ?
Why has the clear day sky always been coloured blue

the forward question expression for . . . why

The clear day sky will always be coloured blue why ?
The clear day sky is always coloured blue why ?
The clear day sky has always been coloured blue why ?

the backward question expression for . . . when

When shall that madness be quelled ?
When does that madness quell ?
When was that madness quelled ?

the forward question expression for . . . when

That madness shall be quelled when ?
That madness does quell when ?
That madness was quelled when ?

the backward question expression for . . . where

Where shall that suburb be found ?
Where is that suburb found ?
Where was that suburb found ?

the forward question expression for . . . where

That suburb shall be found where ?
That suburb is found where ?
That suburb was found where ?

the backward question expression for . . . what

What shall be considered a reasonable result ?
What is considered a reasonable result ?
What was considered a reasonable result ?

the forward question expression for . . . what

A reasonable result shall be considered as what ?
A reasonable result is considered as what ?
A reasonable result was considered as what ?

the backward question expression for . . . which

Which shall be seen as the ideal sample ?
Which is seen as the ideal sample ?
Which was seen as the ideal sample ?

the forward question expression for . . . which

The ideal sample shall be seen as which ?
The ideal sample is seen as which ?
The ideal sample was seen as which ?

the backward question expression for . . . who

Who should be awarded the title ?
Who must be awarded the title ?
Who was awarded the title ?

the forward question expression for . . . who

The title should be awarded to who ?
The title must be awarded to who ?
The title was awarded to who ?

the backward question expression for . . . whom

To whom should be sent the account ?
To whom must be sent the account ?
To whom was sent the account ?

the forward question expression for . . . whom

The account should be sent to whom ?
The account must be sent to whom ?
The account was sent to whom ?

the backward question expression for . . . whose

Whose dress will be viewed as the most practical ?
Whose dress must be viewed as the most practical ?
Whose dress was viewed as the most practical ?

the forward question expression for . . . whose

The most practical dress will be viewed as whose ?
The most practical dress must be viewed as whose ?
The most practical dress was viewed as whose ?


note – there exist ( 9 ) interrogative words
note – each interrogative word does serve as the complete question
note – who / whom must be generally preceded by the preposition ( to )
note – what / which / whose must be generally preceded by the preposition ( as )
note – the ( 4 ) interrogative adverbs do not require supportive qualification
note – the ( 5 ) interrogative pronouns doth require supportive qualification


IMAGE RUNNER a flowing word pair form where one or both the separate pairings will
not possess a definition but a derived one shall arise from the stated combination


eeky freaky – something unnerving that has suddenly appeared or arisen
heebie jeebies – a reactive feeling of apprehensiveness
highess pious – a description of someone offering a false holly explanation for an action
nickity nack – a call for hasty action that will deliver a barely adequate result
oddkin bodkin – the conspicuously different item or person of a group
oxus mocksus – continual and relentless patronization by someone
quirkus murkus – something unique and significant but shrouded in mystery
ridgy didge – ( Australian ) okay / plainly genuine or truthful
topsy turvy – something where the components are seen as askew or reversed


RHYME RUNNER – a flowing word pair form which is created by omission of a first letter or word sound from a word base part where either may not possess a separate definition but a new or enhanced one shall arise from the stated combination


airy fairy – an unsupported claim which is lacking essence of current common reality
anky spanky – a fun loving hand spanking upon the bare exposed buttocks
icky sticky – an undesirable but unavoidable situation
ighty flighty – a person exhibiting an erratic and unpredictable spontaneous behaviour
itsy bitsy – a small version or sample of something that is much bigger
okey dokey – ( American ) okay
ooky kooky – inexplicably weird
onkas bonkas – something or someone that is not functioning as expected


RHYTHM RUNNER – a flowing word pair created by changing the first letter or word sound of a word base part or word base where the separate pairings may not possess a definition but a new or enhanced one shall arise from the stated combination


dim sim – a person who cannot immediately see the potential of an idea
harum scarum – a wild and reckless event or action that will cause fright
hanky panky – mischievous behaviour or deceptive action and undertaking
happy jappy – someone who has been satisfied by something inconsequential
hells bells – a coming event that is attached with an extreme feeling of deathly foreboding
helta skelta – haphazardly fast continuous action with a mesmerizing affect
higgledy piggledy – a movement or arrangement without an apparent pattern
hocus pocus – the irrational prelude to something with a veiled meaning
holus bolus – something that is enacted with maximum total effort and effect
holy moly – an acknowledgement of something outrageous
hooley dooley – a wildly exhaustive but enjoyable action or exertion
hotch potch – a mismatched mixture that will be considered tolerably acceptable
lovey dovey – utilization of romantic attraction to gain favour
mumble jumble – speech viewed as indecipherable by a reader or listener
mumbo jumbo – a shortened version of mumble jumble
mumsey pumsey – something that is sworn to secrecy
namby pamby – performing a task with cursory effort
razzle dazzle – a bright colourful fast paced form of persuasion
silly billy – a person who has made a thoughtless but harmless mistake
slippery dippery – set upon a path that may result in a significant personal loss
teensey weensey – something small but significant and wholly adequate
willy nilly – a task that is performed with an unplanned approach


WORD RUNNER – a word form pair where both the separate pairings will possess
a definition but a new or enhanced one shall arise from the stated combination


Tom foolery – playful roguish behaviour used as a distraction or diversion
Thomas foolery – variant of Tom foolery

plain Jane – a female who is individually indistinguishable from a group
real McCoy – the original and not an imitation of the original
slippery Sam – someone who can avoid capture
tricky Dicky – someone who can out wit others
whistling Dixie – promotion of something that shall result in failure

air head
all thumbs
bean counter
beyond it
book worm
bottomless pit
brain drain
bright spark
bull artist
bum steer
cheap skate
cheap thrill
clean sweep
dead end
dead head
dead meat
dead right
dead wrong
death trap
dirt cheap
double trouble
eager beaver
exercise freak
fair dinkum
far fetched
far out
fine line
fine tune
flat chat
fluke artist
foregone conclusion
forlorn hope
free reign
free run
fudge it
good oil
grand finale
grand opening
has been
high handed
high flyer
hunky dory
inside out
impeccable timing
keep tab
keep tabs
know all
lame brain
light fingered
lost cause
mean machine
meat head
melting pot
mind blowing
mosquito pee – very light rain of no consequence
no go
no hoper
no frills
number cruncher
one off
open slather
perfect timing
plain sailing
public relations
quality control
rat race
raw deal
red raw
rev head
rip snorter
shove it
slip shod
slow coach
slow motion
space age
spitting chips
squeaky clean
tailor made
tall poppy
techno babble
thought provoking
united front
vanishing act
verbal diarrhoea
whizz kid
windy whoof
windy whoosh
wise guy
yappity yap
yippity yap


REPEAT RUNNER – a word form pair or double pair created by stating the same
defined word again to create a new or enhanced one with a negative meaning


aye aye
ha ha
hush hush
no no
my my
so so
well well
yeah yeah


REPETITIVE RUNNER – a word form triple created by stating the same defined
word three times to create a new or enhanced one with a positive meaning


busy busy busy
hello hello hello
hey hey hey
ho ho ho
hot hot hot
hubba hubba hubba
oohla oohla oohla
wow wow wow
yeah yeah yeah


CONJUNCTIVE RUNNER – a word pair joined by a conjunction where each pairing will
possess a definition but a new or enhanced one shall arise from the stated combination


audacity and temerity
chirp and cheep
clang and bang
clean and tidy
cut and paste
deep and meaningful
down and out
down and outer
fair and square
fame and fortune
fast and furious
fear and terror
fine and dandy
fish and chips – something that is regarded as culturally common
floss and gloss
flotsam and jetsam
forgive and forget
free and easy
fumble and bumble
glitter and glam
grin and bear
grunt and groan
hard and fast
hide and seek
high and dry
high and mighty
hit and miss
hustle and bustle
in and out
kiss and tell
lean and mean
live and learn
lo and behold
load and go
lost and found
loud and proud
meek and mild
meet and greet
moan and groan
mix and match
near and far
near and dear
poke and prod
prance and dance
push and shove
rain and hail
rant and rave
raw and sore
return and earn
rise and fall
rise and shine
roar and soar
rock and roll
rough and ready
rude and crude
sack and store
sad and sorry
safe and secure
scrimp and save
scrummage and rummage
slice and dice
slick and sleek
slip and slide
slow and steady
smooth and slick
snip and clip
sop and mop
straight and narrow
taut and terrific
to and fro
trash and treasure
trials and tribulations
trim and slim
twirl and swirl – dance in a free flowing joyous manner
twist and shout
up and down
wear and tear
wheel and deal

all or nothing
bridge or barrier
do or die
friend or foe
make or break
man or mouse
me or you
need or greed
now or never
nude or prude
populate or perish
sink or swim

nothing but trouble


PREPOSITIONAL RUNNER – a word pair joined by a preposition where each pairing will possess a definition but a new or enhanced one shall arise from the stated combination


crime against humanity

good as gold

clutching at straws
fire at will

age before beauty
thought before action

fly by nighter – something of short duration that will disappear unnoticed
four by two – a solid length of rectangular timber that can be used as a club

bang for buck – generation of an excellent result for a minimal effort
free for all
good for nothing
hell for leather
just for kicks
something for nothing
tit for tat

detached from reality – objectively separated from the main body of something
divorced from reality – subjectively severed from the main body of something

back in ten
hole in one
just in time
lost in love
poetry in motion
two in one

act of God – a significant disruption to the natural sequential harmony of existence
love of God – the desire of seeking or obtaining or wielding power and influence
wrath of God – self inflicted human misery that is caused by deviation from nature

abundance of ideas
age of enlightenment
back of beyond – an isolated foreboding sparsely populated land area
balance of power
benefit of hindsight
box of tricks
burst of energy
change of pace
child of destiny
day of reckoning
depths of despair
devoid of meaning
end of time
eruption of violence
flower of life – the manifested depicted essence of the sacred geometry
flurry of activity – an excessive amount of uncoordinated motion and movement
force of habit – the same methodology used despite the need for a different one
fruit of life – a derived resultant elemental part of the sacred geometry
house of cards – a group of odd but amusing people / something flimsy & collapsible
injection of vitality
keeper of records
lack of fortitude
lack of motivation
lap of honour
man of action
march of time
nick of time
out of character
peace of mind
person of substance
piece of piss – an action that will require a minimal amount of effort
presence of mind
rate of attrition
reign of terror
rite of passage
round of applause
rule of thumb
show of strength
sign of life
state of play
stroke of luck
tale of woe
tree of life – a derived progression within the essence of the sacred geometry
window of opportunity
wealth of knowledge
world of tomorrow

back on track
right on cue
right on time

head over heels
mind over matter

better than nothing

honest to God

head to toe
made to measure
made to order
money to burn
need to know
next to nothing
rags to riches
return to sender
road to nowhere
second to none
top to bottom

dangerous when provoked
slippery when wet

approach with caution
play with fire
proceed with care


IDENTICAL RUNNER – a same word pair joined by a conjunction or preposition where the word will possess a definition but a new or enhanced one will arise from the combination


disaster after disaster
time after time

by and by
over and over
round and round

bit by bit
blow by blow
day by day
hour by hour
inch by inch
minute by minute
second by second
step by step

measure for measure
word for word

end to end
eye to eye
hand to hand
head to head
side to side


VOWEL RUNNER – a phrase which is created by a change of the first interior vowel ( I ) from the first word to either ( A or O ) for a 2 word one and ( A then O or U ) for a three word one


two word vowel runners

chitter chatter
chit chat
clip clop
dilly dally
dingle dangle
fiddle faddle
flim flam
flip flop
hip hop
jingle jangle
mish mash
nick nack
nickity nackity
pitter patter
riff raff
sing song
tick tock
tittle tattle
wishy washy
yippity yappity
zig zag


three word vowel runners

bish bash bosh
ding dang dong
fizz fazz fuzz – cloudiness of vision and thought caused by an emotive mind
flip flap flop
mish mash mush
sing sang sung
splish splash splosh

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