A vegan dietary food intake will only form the beginning of the personal journey for those who do become a plant food eater only despite the reason that did lead to such a decision . Western society does stubbornly and predominately remain a consumer of a diet that will include animal food which is accompanied by a comparitively high and forever increasing monetary price . Culturally entrenched habit and a general ignorance of the vegan dietary alternative would explain the reason for this phenomenon .

The natural progression after a person does become purely a plant food eater will involve the adoption and embracement of a vegan lifestyle . One should not call themself vegan until the diet is complimented by an associated type of lifestyle . A genuine vegan does not consume a drug or medication of any description so they will not be a smoker or drinker of alcohol or a pill popper or a tea slurper or coffee gulper or a pepsi and cola guzzler to name the common and more obvious .

A real vegan will not personally use soap or shampoo or hair conditioner or moisturiser or sunblock cream or suntan lotion or toothpaste or mouthwash or deodorant or cosmetics . These chemicals will destroy the natural skin and hair follicle oil while the toothpaste and mouthwash will erode the tooth enamel . The full vegan does not sleep upon a pillow as
it will detrimentally affect the spine .

In the ethical domain the true vegan will not own a pet nor unnecessarily harm or kill any animal . Many aspects of pet ownership do constitute indirect sexual deviation . An animal zoo or a performing animal circus would definitely not exist in the vegan animal world just as a prison or enforceable law restriction and limitation would not exist in the new vegan human world . Heightened awareness will be endowed to the earth vegan while expanded enlightenment shall form the essence of vegan earth .