News Flash – Stop Press – all official statistical information websites are designed with at least two ( 2 ) tiers . The visible and readily accessible public tier doth display the bogus statistics while the hidden restricted access tier shall contain the real statistics .

Any website will use a firewall and its key function on an official website is controlling the scrutiny and viewing of the information contained thereon based upon predetermined
( security ) rules . In other words it will direct website visitors to a specific tier incorporated in the website structure contingent upon defined ( security ) clearance . It could be safely assumed all official websites are constructed on a multi-tiered level . The ordinary public view the tier of mis-information while different authoritarian groups will be given access to the other level or levels according to each specific requirement . Although an ordinary website does possess a firewall it is not utilised in the same way or manner .

The eligible NSW Australian population percentage of those above the age of 16 years who have been double dosed with a Covid – 19 vaccine is really a little above 32 % and those with a single dose a little above 65 % . Officially those figures show as 77.8 % and 91.4 % . If there is created a false impression whereby the vast majority of a given population are perceived as vaccinated then those who choose against personal vaccination will never admit such which will mean any bogus statistics upholding a false impression cannot be refuted .

This Covid – 19 vaccination stat rort has probably been deployed throughout the world so the vaxoid cohort have not obtained anywhere near the legal thresh-hold consent target of plus 90 per cent voluntarily vaccinated population for avoidance of total criminal liability . It is most unfortunate that a website firewall can sometimes be inadvertently or accidently breached and penetrated but vaxoid technology will never be entirely foolproof .

NSW Australia did recently undergo a state parliamentary leadership change which was suspiciously enacted in regard to its circumstances and timing . Perhaps that event will now be highlighted and seen with a bit more clarity .

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