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Past  Mail :  PO  BOX  167  PENSHURST  NSW  2222

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Past  Phone :  0414 509 913  and  0416 265 373
Past  Phone :  045 165 1486  and  045 165 1498




–  born one of four on October 14th 1956 at Annandale / Sydney / Australia
–  two of the four did not survive pregnancy and were thereby stillborn
–  third generation Australian heritage and nationality and citizenship
–  English and Chinese and Irish ancestry from mother
–  Scottish and Jewish and probable German ancestry from father
–  both the legal and biological fathers were third degree Freemasons
–  biological and legal mother was religiously raised as a Catholic 
–  baptised Presbyterian with Congregational Church upbringing
–  raised in the St George area of Sydney / Australia
–  biological and legal mother died in 2020
–  biological father died in 2005
–  legal father died in 1987
–  maternal mother died in 1989
–  half sister died at two and a half years of age after being vaccinated for diphtheria
–  half brother is aged three and a half years younger
–  full biological brother has been missing since August 27th 2011
–  alternately and covertly share raised between the two sets of parents
–  full biological brother was likewise alternately and covertly share raised
–  half brother was entirely and openly raised by the legal parent pair only
–  Australian federal independent parliamentary candidacy commenced in 2001
–  spontaneously began full open crossdressing at the beginning of January 2008
–  website  was created on August 26th 2013
–  marital status and orientation has always been that of single heterosexual male
–  vegan since 1993 as proof that animal food for human consumption is unhealthy
–  super vegan since 2021 to prove simple carbohydrate and raw plant food as inferior
–  current descriptive status is that of single crossdressed heterosexual super vegan male
–  no particular religion but partial to Buddhism and Kabbalah and Freemasonry      




What did say  – when asked the reason  –  ?

Q   What did God say when asked the reason for wearing a mask ?
A   I could no longer tolerate being upstaged by the Devil .


Q   What did the zombie say when asked the reason for wearing a mask ?
A   I don’t like offending other zombies .


Q   What did the unmasked person say when asked the reason for not wearing a mask ?
A   It’s okay  –  I’m just taking a breather .


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