Philosophical Edwina




The inconvenience of an election is minor in comparison to the inconveniences that the outcome of the election will deliver until the next minor inconvenience

Do not be concerned with electing the wrong candidate for unlike marriage one is not
obligated to live with the mistake




Every candidate for an election should not be ignored only because it is not known which one to ignore until after the election

You should not be found amongst any group of election candidates but the search is often made regardless

All elections have an ending but the consequences of elections have no ending




Any election will provide an opportunity for a would be elector to break every known
existing law by proxy without the evocation of personal censure

Every subsequent election will give a would be elector who did become a voter in the prior election an opportunity for a repeat offence still without the evocation of personal censure

Any would be elector who does continually become a voter at every eligible election could be deemed an unrepentant sinner but there exist no direct condemnation of such yet




It is always possible that nobody will be nominated for the election




A majority is really a significant minority with a minimalist viewpoint and general outlook





Federal  Election  2007  Cook  Electorate  –   Welcome  to  the  illusion  of  delusion

Federal  Election  2010   Cook  Electorate  –   Welcome  to  the  reality  of  unreality

Federal  Election  2013   Cook  Electorate   –   Welcome  to  the  limitations  of  limitation

the following are pending  –  via dinosaur records

Federal  Election  2016  Cook  Electorate  –  Welcome  to  the  complexity  of  simplicity

Federal  Election  2019  Cook  Electorate  –  Welcome  to  the  world  of  wordiness 

Federal  Election  2022  Cook  Electorate  –  Welcome  to  the  construct  of  artificiality 

Federal  Election  2025  Cook  Electorate  –  Welcome to the cavalcade  of  manipulation





In the childs game of rock paper scissors where rock does destroy scissors by crushing and paper does destroy rock by slicing or scraping and scissors does destroy paper by cutting one of the three stated objects will gain ascendancy if an even selection is not made by the players as to which they choose to be but fortunately time will determine an even selection result by the law of random probability and thus balance of power despite intervals of power imbalance however if the game was never played there would be no destruction as the power is not used and therein lies a fundamental problem in life of immature game players who are only mindful of a game and its rules but not its consequences 

If one is critical of the clothing worn by somebody then they have no desire of knowing what lies beneath the clothes and conversely if one is not critical of the clothing worn by somebody they are desirous of knowing what lies beneath the clothes thereby it should be apparent what will determine the clothes one will wear

The rules of most current recreational games and sport are designed to end or kill the play as quickly as possible instead of maintain or continue the play for as long as possible thus this wayward mentality is ultimately upholding and reinforcing the overall flawed concept of competition against each other instead of collaboration with each other

There are only two types of fool namely winning which always is at the expense of others and losing which is always at the expense of self but fools view winning at the expense of self and losing at the expense of others so the fool has fooled the foolish into being fools

Success is merely failed failure that fails to fail which means life is always failing or else
it would cease to exist while that which succeeded to succeed always succeeds in
succeeding without fail to be successfully successful regardless of everything failing

Wisdom may only be found by question the fool the answer so it is not enough to question the fool and answer or answer the fool and question or question the question or answer the answer for without the fool there is no question to be asked or answer to be given

Something will require nothing but everything shall require something and not nothing
while anything must require everything which does mean all things are dependent upon
each other thus independence cannot be something or anything or nothing or everything

Something came up is the lamest excuse that can be offered for anything except in the case of prostitutes and those who enjoy sex which between the two could include everybody thus making that excuse the only one ever needed lame though it may be

Although only two types of fool exist there is more than one fool and individual fools are many but if a fool is not of two types wisdom has been found and the lie is no more

Doing something is better than doing nothing except where doing nothing is better than doing something so it all depends upon the doing and not upon the some no thing

A male will see the vision and a female will feel the vision and a mystic will know the vision but a human being will experience the vision often without seeing and feeling and knowing

It is sexually impossible for a man to be with a man or a woman to be with a woman as both a man and a woman are defined in terms of each other and not one another

There is no such thing as procrastination if fate does intervene and prevent something from happening or not happening and that will include things caused by procrastination

If twins ever did appear together they would be same of the one instead of one of the same

Those who live by the rules cannot possibly die by the rules for they are already dead

Doing nothing is none the less doing something even though it is not doing anything

As ones wage or salary does increase the ethical component will generally decrease

More is less when there is enough and less is more when there is not enough

A mistake within a mistake cannot be a mistake despite it being a mistake

Anything is better than nothing but not if nothing will exclude everything 

There exist only one side to a story otherwise it would not be a story

Left will be right if right to be left and all is right if left to right

Everything is a lie except the lie itself which is the only truth

All is in perfect balance until it is weighed and weighted

Less law is best law while more law is best lore




All beginnings do result as the ending of something else while all endings shall result in the beginning of something else so a sin can only be eradicated if there is no beginning and without a beginning there is no need for something else which is the perpetrator of all sin 

Perfection alone cannot exist because all things are naturally imperfect but perfectionism does exist by virtue of the perfectionist who can only be perfect in being imperfect




The path to knowledge is knowing what should be known is called know how while the key to knowledge is knowing that know how should be known without the need of a key for when one knows know how should knowingly be known then one already knows how

An opportunity presenting itself and being accepted could form the reason of anything
but the reason for such acceptance should always remain unknown so the question of
why cannot be determined otherwise opportunities would never present themselves

A proposal will always remain proposing unless or until enacted but if and when enacted

no proposition exist only the proposedly proposed enacting of the enacted enactment

Kids ruin everything and adults are the ruination of everything but fortunately all things
require ruining otherwise the ruins of ruination would never be ruined

Being taught something a wrong way quickly determines the worth of a subject

The best way of carrying a burden is wearing it naturally and well fitted




The difficulty in learning is becoming knowingly difficult

A life will only be meaningful if it has meaning to the one who lives it

Wisdom is long in the making short on the memory and rarely utilised when needed

Insight comes as a flurry and is fleeting but its intensity will depend upon the lead time




Good laws only exist so bad laws can be effectively countered but with elimination of bad laws there would be no need of good laws and hence no need of any law which means all law is effectively bad and thereby should not exist but without law there would be no lore  

When faced with only two choices it is usually better to find another option which means there are now two alternatives of either the choice or the newly derived option but the problem of one or the other has not been eliminated by this form of thinking 

Just as the visible reflection of a pond becomes apparent by the position of its viewer and an unbroken medium of water so the reflective ponder of words in a sentence will only be apparent by their position unbroken by punctuation 

Creativity does come as a flood that will allow creation but it is the same flood which shall exhaust and drown the creator and their creative ability except for those who float and ride the flow of the flood to recreate another time

One may only find the necessary if they first know the unnecessary however this cannot be determined unless the unnecessary was originally the necessary

Sex is not a desire but merely an exercise that will require animal effort to produce minimal desirability for any other activity

If not for not what would be the state of all things and not the question of everything so a statement will always pose a question when it is not

Fear should be given its rightful passage but it must always remain a passenger and never given the position of driver

If not for things being said nothing would be written and if not for poetic licence nothing would be worth saying or worth writing

Things must be within reach for their obtainment but just because something is within reach does not mean it can be grasped

If something is not missing nothing would be found so discovery is merely the uncovering of that which already knowingly exist

Thinking ones self superior represents the quickest way of being thought inferior but not much will happen otherwise

It is not wise to condemn the wise guy as they are actually a wise guide and thus a pathway to the domain of wisdom

The power must not operate for something to be repaired but the repair may only occur if the power is still there

If anyone out there finds the meaning of life they should divulge its location as it may be of passing interest

Nobody can create as it is merely the existing being recreated and this re creation activity can only occur during recreation time

A fundamental choice of life is whether prior entry is better than existing entry 

Provocation should only be used for motivation and not as a motive

If the message cannot be conveyed by content within a single page then one should not seek outside the page content

It is against the law to impersonate another person so nobody should become a person and risk impersonation

Economising does mean more usefulness in less space and not a greater expanse of least usefulness

A point mark ends a word sentence but a point made within a sentence can only be felt and not marked

Two wrongdoers will always out do a do gooder while two good doers will always out do any wrongdoing

Familiarity not only breeds contempt in a family but is especially prevalent within a community of common unity

Something should always intercede any procedure otherwise the procedural outcome may prevail

If something is not shared it does not exist but nobody should be told this because it is a secret

The problem with life is that some take it too seriously while others do not take to it at all

The main trouble with life is that too many take it and forget to leave it when they should

Continuous and continual mocking of seriousness will eventually become serious in itself

Workers may carry the load but all are burdened by the produced load 

Before living life to the full one must first learn how to run on empty




Following all the rules will produce a poor result while breaking all the rules will produce an unpredictable result so a desired result can only be obtained by knowing which rules should be broken 

If somebody does ask themselves whether something should be done and answer no but do it anyway it shall simply mean they know the answer beforehand whereas if somebody does ask themselves the same question and answer yes but does not do it that will simply mean they did not no the answer beforehand

An object is normally missed only when it is not present and not missed when it is present so there should be no concern when an audience appears not to grasp the object of the subject because the object of a subject which is not a thing can never be missed as it shall always be present 

It is better to stimulate thought rather than provoke thought for provocative thought will be thought provoking whereas stimulative thought will be thought stimulating so it should be apparent that stimulation by thought must be thought more desirable and provocation by thought must be thought less desirable

One should not cease creating at a certain number as that would  be indicative of limitation and not creativity which has no bounds however the answer to all things lays within the number forty two or 42 or for two or one word and one number or the creator and the creation

If thirty nine steps are outlined then stating this wiil become one of the outlined steps of the embodiment thereby making forty in total which doth mean after any last step there shall exist one more but only if the embodiment is outlined and stated

Although love is born of the ego it doth simply mean the finding of ones self within and through others so the ego should be given its rightful place in the creation of all things and never unduly suppressed or restrained nor inflated beyond constraint

Despite punctuality everybody will be late at the very least once in their lives as the names on cemetery tombstones and plaques shall testify so that does make death mere lateness or more precisely a lack of form 

Nobody should be critical of those who attend something without being attentive because attentive attendees shall only give attention to attentiveness while inattentive attendees will give attention to everything else except attentiveness

A wandering hand is better than the hand which has found its target and lets loose without first letting go while a wandering mind will never find its target but at least it does let loose after letting go

Forgetfulness is the surest way to remain ignorant when escaping earthly concerns so one should never escape but wait until they are ready to leave before becoming forgetful

One might exclaim my word after somebody has conveyed something beyond belief in conversation but beyond the word only lays make believe which is not of my word

Change although constant shall occur slowly but the tangible enactment thereof does occur quickly and unexpectedly so everything will operate according to a variable constant

Those who are never satisfied will always hunger while those who are satisfied will die hungry but those who do not seek satisfaction shall never hunger nor die hungry

Those with a mind for creation are usually not mindful of their creation so that which is created must develop its own mind to survive the mindlessness of their creator

While words are written on a piece of paper without meaning the words themselves will have meaning but only to those who can read what is meant by the words

It is knowing the way not to go that shall determine the way to go which through extension will mean that knowing the way not to go does become the only way to go but only by default  

Everybody is endowed with a conscience but unfortunately some will use it less than others while there are still others who have yet to make its acquaintance at all

It is not what one knows or who one knows but how many one knows that will better place one as all others each know something that one does not know

The ones who do defy the natural order are legendary but the ones who dare defy the unnatural order will become the legend and give birth to the never ending story

One does their best to avoid shopping trolleys in a supermarket but like fallibility and vulnerability they are always there and hence unavoidable

One should never claim freedom because liberty will then intervene to inform the free they are not at liberty to be free without first being liberated

Strong are they who unburden their troubled mind but those who burden others with their mind for trouble are the strongest of the weak

Food for thought should be ravishingly devoured and savoured while food for eating should be simply digested and divested

The one who doth use mind over matter will prevail over everything but one who is mindless of matter shall prevail in all things

No law is greater than the receiver of the law but all lore is infinitely greater than any giver or receiver of law

By going one never gets gotten however those who are forgotten but not gone should go and get gotten

Lip service is better than no service but zip service should be included for those who want full service

Missed opportunity is just forgetfulness while opportunity missed is mere short sightedness

A captive audience is useless as a captive audience unless they are given belief of release

Heaven must wait for earthly things to be done and completed or simply completely done

Fickle are they who point the finger for their other fingers will always point back to them

Wait for a while and things will improve but wait too long and things shall prove a weight

All who are of the word will remain spell bound until the word is magically broken

Rite of passage is the best description of ones journey through life and beyond

It is generally better to walk away from trouble rather than run away troubled

Everybody is written off at death but many are a write off long beforehand

Earthly gain is said to be folly but it will entirely depend upon what gain can be gained

Sunday is declared the divine day of creation which shall make the rest of lesser importance

Creation doth involve wresting that which is undesired from that which is desired

Two against one is never fair because one will always divide two

Seek and ye shall find but it is equally well to think and be found

Grinding may take longer but it is more certain than being pulverised

Watch out or outward occasionally and inward constantly

An early arrival is generally better than a late departure

The mind will play tricks so a trick cannot play a mind

The heavens shall twinkle while the earth will wrinkle

Genuine are those who do not strive to be genuine

Thought can only become known if it is expressed

Pearls of wisdom are the only ones with any value

Rest will only occur after the storm from the calm

Desire doth form the basis of all things




Nothing can be given meaning unless it is analysed and assessed and appraised but those with the ability to do so never shall analyse or assess or appraise except when they are analysing and assessing and appraising those who will unreservedly analyse and assess and appraise 

Twenty six word sentences which knowingly twice include all twenty six alphabet
letters will quickly become puzzling incomprehensible frivolous vexatious
inadequate juxtapositional junk devoid of meaning

Nothing is ever decisively chosen as everyone is defined by their decision of choice while
being classed by their choice of choosing 

All things are meaningless until given meaning by those who are meaningful

The only thing a face mask wearer cannot hide or mask is fear of not wearing one

The only class of people who can wear a face mask without it appearing misplaced would be the police because they have everything to hide and no face or aspect worthy of show 

The ability of wearing a face mask with no physical ill effect could be advantageous for an applicant seeking paid employment but only if a prospective employer can be convinced that face mask wearing will not mentally affect the health of everyone else

Unmasked people are being refused entry to medical centres so apparently only those who do wear a mask are considered sick and ill and diseased while those not wearing such will be officially confirmed and acknowledged as fit and healthy by virtue of such refusal 

A bad person is generally recognised as such by wearing a face mask and in the past that was only applicable to an insignificant number of the population but currently the bad people out number the good people so that ultimately doth reveal the extent of badness

Those who apportion blame are either top class mathematicians who have never applied the inverse square law in the outside world or bottom class professionals of the inside world that have never squared an inverse law 

It is said that one should never allow the truth to get in the way of a good story but if it were said that one should never allow a good story to get in the way of a better story the truth of a story would be revealed 

It is better to work with what one has got and can get rather than seek what one has not got and can never get as application directed toward the obtainable will eventually unlock the door to the otherwise unobtainable  

A willing worker without talent does form a much better proposition than an unwilling worker with talent but a worker with the power of thought doth generally possess ability that will far exceed both talent and willingness 

Opportunity at any education institution will only be limited by the number of doors the students are allowed to open  

Because the temptations of the tempters are many and the resisters of the resistance are few temptation will eventually be outnumbered and overwhelmed by temptation itself 

The level of intelligence for an individual human being is entirely determined by the degree of connection that has been established with their endowed conscience 

Intelligence must always be preceded and guided by conscience 

One should always take a backward step before they make a forward leap 

Any fall during an ascent of a stairway will be less severe than a descent fall unless one is ascending backwards which does mean the reason for so many severe life failures can be explained purely by the backward ascent rather than the straight forward climb 

An intelligent woman is best defined as one who has no definition for an intelligent man while an intelligent man is best defined as one who has no definition for an intelligent woman which will mean that any woman who does define an intelligent man and any man that does define an intelligent woman shall each be seen as ignorant of both but shall never be viewed as unintelligent of either despite their own respective singular ignorance

Poetic licence shall justify the breaking of grammatical rules but only if the user does know  grammatical rules are being broken and doth possess justification for the poetic usage but if a user does knowingly break grammatical rules without poetic licence they are merely justified and lack any and all justification for so doing         

If one has or has had posted on a freely accessible website an extraordinary and definitive full or near full body image of themselves with their preferred known name plus actual birth year and birthplace both city and nation with their fully matured height they have thus become famous regardless of personal achievement or intelligence or wealth of status or class so fame will be entirely dependent upon the reflected light of captured insight

Making something half useless will make it twice as useful but if anything is given double usefulness it shall paradoxically halve its usability at any given instant of time

The hardest bit is always the last bit but only after the first bit has been done so those who think there exist more than the first and last bit of anything will never take a half measure 




A square peg will never fit inside a round hole just as a round peg will never fit inside a square hole except where the peg is square at one end and round at the other end so that shall mean for a single something to fit two types of anything it must be two things in one    

The only thing that can possess a life time guarantee would be life itself so it shall follow that something without a life time guarantee must be devoid of life and thereby dead

All women are naturally high maintenance but some are more unnaturally so than others

A trip upon a flight of stairs may occur on the upward ascent or downward descent but any resultant fall will be directed downwards and not upwards so before everything can fall into place a trip must first be made regardless whether it be up or down 

If movement forward or backward is considered better by the advancement or retreat of one step at a time then one should also remember and recall likewise and not make a run 

Those who do think of life as straight forward will simply blame others for their own mistakes

The facts would be tentatively defined as the common ground between two or more different opinions but because any singular opinion cannot possibly reflect the reality neither will the common ground 

Those who act by no half measure do not realise that only the first and last half will ever make a whole measure 

Nothing of any worth can be lost as it will invariably be found worthy by another

The destruction of something doth merely mean it has already served its purpose  

The reason for something useful not being used will usually mean somebody thought it useless

The reason for something being under utilised shall probably mean a few like exclusivity but such will never realise it is they themselves who are most likely being excluded 

If one has never come under the attention of the authorities they must try harder

Every place name does generally tell a story and there may be a tale or two that will arise but behind any personal name shall be told many a story bold and brave 



Third time lucky and three times shall prove it doth give a definitive power to both a third
instance and a third occasion but a singular of such is usually adequate and sufficient 
for most as a single instance and occasion may be enacted again if a need does arise

If it is reasonably unreasonable to do so it will be done

End times have been with humanity forever as somebody will always create the something to end all that particular something

Electric cars are groovy man but only those cats who are switched on and in tune will dig it 

A questioning mind is far superior to an enquiring mind for the latter will merely ask how the status quo does operate and not question why it should operate 

Everything does make sense if it can be sensed but only the sensible will come to know that sensibility shall lay beyond the making of sense

Beware of what doth lay behind the false smile

The art of time wasting is knowing what time should be wasted

A foregone conclusion is only achieved by exclusion of inclusion

The circle of purple is not the elite heads of state for it doth lay above all heads

Meaning is determined by sequence of order so an order reversal or rearrangement at any point within the sequential order shall not only change the order but will also change the entire meaning 

The modern day social club has become a sophisticated version of the original weapon for it will dull the senses mentally rather than physically but only if allowed to do so 

If one is viewed as 2 in 1 they are really 3 all told but if one is seen as 3 in 1 they will become 3 all up so one can never be any more than 3 all round because 4 or more still does remain 3 collectively which all doth mean one may only be two by virtue of three and that is also applicable to the letters A and B and C for 3 minus 1 doth equal 2 and 4 minus 1 doth equal 2 with C minus A giving B and D minus A giving B which ultimately doth further mean one should both let it B and let it be B2 and that does form the original meaning of the English idiom two is company three is a crowd as 3 may be any number except 1 and 2 which shall give 3 anyway and if extra proof is verbally required of this maxim there will not be found an English number word beyond or outside of once twice thrice for zero is not a number but that does give rise to the story behind the number 40

A plant food eater will live to light another day while a meat food eater shall fight to live the other day 

The ill founded placement of keep out signage  upon the outside of a fence is nonsense as nobody can be kept out unless they are first kept in because everything within this realm is inside out instead of right side in and up side down instead of right side up

Wise be the one who doth discern rather than discriminate

A message is best written for the few rather than for a few too many

One should never settle anywhere nor upon anything unless they have first visited 

If one cannot be devilishly persuaded then those who have been will also fail

According to the law of averages only a meanie will say what they mean and mean what they say and if any confirmation of this is required a smart child should be immediately consulted

The world will wither if everybody doth dither so one must either or neither go hither or thither 

The reason everything does possess an underlying pattern of sameness is caused by more creativity and imagination being required for difference so anything different would just not be the same 

Being different does usually attract some unwanted attention but that is better than being unwanted altogether which shall mean one must be different to be singularly desirable because sameness will never make a difference

If somebody does totally depend upon paid employment for income they will not have an outgoing personality as payment is not the only income

One would not be rich if they were given one unit of their national currency nor would one be poor if they were minus one unit of such but that will be so for any amount of money and for anyone which does ultimately mean nobody and nothing shall benefit alone by money that is given or money that is received 

If a statute law has not been enacted against some normal human activity for a regulatory purpose it shall just be a matter of time before there does arise such enactment 

The only difference between desperation and keenness will depend solely and entirely upon how desperate the keen ones can possibly be

Being fatalistic does result in fatally fatal fatalism and those who have become such shall then rationalise that the dominant force in the known universe is fate and this has become so as the fatalist does not realise the fated invariably self position themselves as a fatality

The sum of the parts shall always be greater than the whole because the individual parts will possess wholeness in their own right 

Crossdressers will always be viewed at the forefront of any engendered species

It is not possible that there shall be enough philosophy to sink a battle ship as the battled ship will sink of its own accord 

If a banknote cannot fit inside the average wallet it is not fit to be a banknote

It is a waste of time asking a head which will be the way ahead as the headway shall always know that ahead of time

A fruitarian vegan will know the difference between which edible fruit can be eaten and what inedible fruit must be avoided

It is handy to have pen and paper on hand but the better option will have such at work in the hand as often as possible despite them both being a handful

It cannot be done but easy does it and nobody can do it like easy

There can be no differentiation between what should happen and what does happen because everything will happen as it should

A single person cannot be blamed for anything because they are always subject to the doings of others but that shall ultimately mean that everybody is to blame for everything

Nature doth control awakening whilst arising is under control of the one who has arisen

A person doth arise as a personalisation of personification personally personified 

A person may only be briefly defined as a millionaire between the time they have received a million of their national currency units by paid employment as wages or salary during a given financial year and the end of that particular year after which the process must then be repeated 

A person whose main financial income is sourced by prize money must be considered nothing more than a glorified gambler unless such funds are equally shared amongst all those who do who do participate in a performance or event or contest

Fortune doth favour those who are impoverished and cannot afford medical and dental treatment as they by default have acquired an ideal foundation for richness in health and personal well being through no fault of their own

If a person does exchange their banknotes and credit for the equivalent in coinage they shall come to know the impracticality and undesirability of personal monetary acquisition and accumulation and possession which will mean one should spend without reservation and rid themselves of their burdensome weight by making lite of money and treating such with the disdain it doth fully deserve 

If money cannot buy happiness it will not be sold upon anything else

The usefulness of the items amongst the trash within a given geographic locality will also determine the uselessness of its population

Although a lesson is learnt with difficulty it will never be easily forgotten 

Once people are in they will quickly realise all they really want is out

The easiest way to update a computer would be deleting the first outdated update but that can only be done after the last update has been updated and become outdated

One should throw everything they can into an endeavour so the enterprise will not sink 

Enough is enough but usually enough is not enough to be enough

Everybody is an accessory after the fact because if that were not so nobody would be born 

All human activity is actively activated towards activation of an acted reactive reaction or action

One will never sink under the weight as they shall do so because of it

Anything with deep meaning will usually be out of a persons depth

Nobody can see the point of anything unless they are first shown because if the point were immediately seen it would ruin the show

Nobody will know until they are told but if told they shall then say they did not know

Undervaluation should never be undervalued nor underestimated

Nobody should become or possess a treasure because such can never be shared

Possession of a treasure doth traverse the dangerous and treacherous path of treason 

One must take an extra step for backward and stop a step short for backwards

Construction doth always arise in the aftermath of destruction

A single issue will divide the whole issue because the whole issue should be seen as the single issue when it is not so seen as the single issue by the whole issue

Life was once simple but that time has now gone by the wayside with the formulation of deionised and demineralised water as a replacement for distilled water pure and simple

One will live if they are aware of space but they shall forever be alive when they become an oblivion of time

The warlord shall determine death as the timelord will determine life

Bots and spiders shall roam the cyber world while the cyber lord doth assign the watch

The one who is master of all shall be the one who does not know how one should know

Riddle me a riddle and I shall riddle the riddle

A time may come when philosophy shall befuddle the philosopher but the stone of the philosophic will be preserved regardless

Something can only be a coincidence if there is an agreement between the two that are concerned otherwise it will be coincidental

If one is offtrack they will never collide with a tram or train unless the train or tram is also offtrack

All nations are politically orientated because their road signage will either display keep left or keep right

Opinion is the only thing that can survive being split down the middle

Nothing can be out of sight when it is also out of mind but when something does come to mind it will generally be within sight

The middle path can only take one way traffic otherwise there will be a traffic jam 

A side path cannot be differentiated if two paths run side by side but a third aligned path will not solve the dilemma either as there may only exist one side path which is determined by the other path so it should be apparent that if two paths are aligned a side path will not exist which shall mean only a side step can be taken and such a side step must be one of total avoidance

Philosophy is the only thing for which there can be no image aside from imagination

A philosopher can reduce anything to the reduction it doth deserve for without reduction nothing would fill the emptiness of expansion 

The manifestation of the visible and invisible will always be the philosophic stone which doth serve as the foundation for the universal thought

If someone does not know the day of the week they are not alone as the day of the week will not know either

Immediate dislike or like is a spontaneous impression which may or may not change or last so if one doth neither like nor dislike they are open to impression which can be spontaneous or otherwise 

Those who are trained will possess the backing of many whereas those who are untrained will have no backing but one who and which is not alone

One will be the tongue twister while the other shall be the easy tongue and that should be plain when the word commemorative and commemoration are comparatively compared 

It is better that something be delivered with oomph rather than something which doth pack a punch although some may think that an oomph can only be delivered if the packed punch does first come 

The difference between philosophy and encryption is that one came before the other and the one that did arrive first does not require a key whereas the imposter will need such

As a quick fix will only be a temporary measure another fix must inevitably and invariably follow but if something is not or never fixed initially no quick fix shall follow which doth mean before anything can follow something a fix must either be given or occur otherwise any given occurrence cannot occur or cannot be given

If exception is the rule there can never be anything exceptional except a rule without such

The question of what may only be answered by another and not by the other while the question of why can only be answered by the other and not by another so that will make what and why without question unanswerable by anyone else 

Mockery cannot be mocked but a mocker can be by having the mockers placed upon them which doth really mean only mockery can mock without the mockers

Nobody can take a turn for the worst or better because nobody is neither better or worst than any other nobody

One should outdo their parents before outliving them

If one does not get what they asked for they should not begrudge not getting it because when it is all said and done they asked for it

If something does not fit either make it fit or do not wear it

Having ones finger on the pulse is useless because it will mean they have one less finger for something more useful

Being well located is convenient but life will be a much busier place in its fight to remain conveniently placed

Being well endowed shall attract a fair share of attention and admiration but that will be all it does attract unless the endowment is also used 

A person who does think sacrifice must be made for the greater good will never nominate themself as a candidate for such so that must mean everybody else is considered good while they are revealed as bad or unworthy

While it is possible to be dumber than dumb it would be an impossibility to be smarter than smart otherwise everybody must be plain dumb

Intelligence will occur when one does first listen to themself then secondly listen to others because first hand information is much more reliable than second hand but the second hand intelligence may be better than the first hand so on one hand the first is better than the second while on the other hand the second is better than the first and conversely on one hand the second is worse than the first while on the other hand the first is worse than the second

There is no such thing as a born loser because everybody will be lost upon birth 

Less money does generally mean a corresponding decrease in wasted personal activity 

While the result is dependent upon time the energy taken for the resultant will not be 

Maintenance is a repetition of the same while fine tuning is a version of the same

There is no such thing as a different version because the version is already different so that will mean only another version shall be possible as a form of maintenance in disguise

Going up hill and down dale is better than going up dale and down hill

Up market is the way to be had while down market is the place to be had

Indoctrination is not knowledge but the suppression of it

Wasted effort is used energy while wasted energy is effort used but in either case only the effort will be lost and not the energy

In a physical world one thing will replace another but in an ideal world one thing doth place another

Real leisure is not pleasure but merely a form of naturally pleasurable work

More effort will deplete the physical but it shall enhance the mental



If a sex partner does use a head ache as a reason for not partaking why will the other sex partner generally assume that their partner either has or has not a head ache and not they themself being the head ache ?


If somebody on a particular day does eat what normally is eaten for both breakfast and lunch at dinner time instead then have they really missed two meals ?



Does the essence of a secret lay in its revelation or in the retainment of the revelation ?



If to err is human and to forgive divine does that mean divinity would be unforgiving
if humanity ceased to err ?



Who doth walk who when a dog is being walked ?



If someone is killed in an accident while legally in the right does that mean they are dead right ?



Does a gluten free food label mean that no monetary charge will be made for the gluten  ?



Can a spook ever be spooked ? 



If  above board  is defined as legitimate and honest and open does that make a board
meeting and anything within its domain illegitimate and dishonest and secretive ? 



If a child must be raised or reared does it subsequently follow that an adult should be lowered and ignored ?



If a mobile phone with internet capability is called smart does that mean the owner or user of such is considered dumb ?



Should an unnecessary fixation be removed or be fixed by removal ?



If one is cremated after death does that mean they have finally found their niche in life ?



If an angle grinder is used for the length reduction of a shotgun’s barrels can the firearm still be called a sawn off shotgun ?



Can an Australian supermarket worker be still employed beyond life expectancy age given that all stock inside such a place is allotted an expiry date ?



Given that everybody has an arsehole does that mean all humans are arseholes ?



If bullshit does not talk can one ever speak bullshit ?


If a person is not wearing a dress does that mean they are undressed ?



Why is it difficult to recognise somebody after an event when they are separated from it ?



If somebody just misses catching a train or a tram or a bus why is that perfect mistiming rarely seen as an achievement by the person concerned ?


note  –  if  no  further  question  ever  doth  appear  above  then  which  shall  become  . . . . . .




but remember  –  as above as below


EDWINA  Q  and  A  or  ( what  is )


no attempt should be made to limit the boundary of what by the question of what is what or what what is or what is not what or what is what not ( for what is all things to all people ) 


Q    what  is  here today gone tomorrow
A    yesterday

Q    what  is  both seen and unseen 
A    something missing 

Q    what  is  the solution
A    another problem

Q    what  is  a worry
A    somebody without one

Q    what  is  the only certainty
A    uncertainty

Q    what  is  sex education
A    all talk no action

Q    what  is  prison
A    no frills no thrills

Q    what  is  organic food
A    a carbon credit

Q    what  is  unwettable
A    water

Q    what  is  past present future
A    the future present past

Q    what  is  policy
A    an obstacle that must be overcome 

Q    what  is  a holiday
A    vacation of the vocation

Q    what  is  thought
A    strenuous inactivity

Q    what  is  prioritised priority 
A    discrimination

Q    what  is  a dim prospect
A    an underground mine

Q    what  is  topless
A    an open cut mine

Q    what  is  washy wishy
A    alluvial gold panning

Q    what  is  numismatics
A    value added inflation

Q    what  is  a surplus
A    sellable residue

Q    what  is  junk
A    unsellable surplus

Q    what  is  supply and demand
A    I demand and you supply

Q    what  is  the nuclear alternative
A    unclear

Q    what  is  maintenance
A    nuts and bolts 

Q    what  is  science
A    conspiracy theory

Q    what  is  the big bang theory
A    a nuclear missile

Q    what  is  spirituality
A    mystification of the explanation

Q    what  is  an oddity
A    that

Q    what  is  a name
A    your call

Q    what  is  personal liquidity
A    diarrhea

Q   what  is  a speech 
A    verbal diarrhea

Q    what  is  a dependent person 
A    next

Q    what  is  always lost
A    a passing thought

Q    what  is  an invisible overtake
A    a past thought

Q    what  is  someone with retentive memory
A    a pain

Q    what  is  golf
A    hit and miss

Q    what  is  tennis
A    hit and hope

Q    what  is  original sin
A    a cover up  

Q    what  is  monosexuality 
A    the first pandora

Q   what  is  pie in the sky
A    a mission statement

Q    what  is  missed opportunity
A    a hard luck story

Q    what  is  a knife slash
A    clear cut

Q    what  is  money
A    a weapon of mass distraction

Q    what  is  an adult
A    someone who never says like

Q    what  is  maturity
A     something beyond ripe 

Q    what  is  a genius
A    someone who is never likewise or otherwise

Q    what  is  a queue
A    one way traffic

Q    what  is  birth
A    weight displacement

Q    what  is  a one night stand
A    a fly by nighter

Q    what  is  a twice removed tenant 
A    a double adaptor

Q    what  is  a twice deserted landlord
A    a two time loser 

Q    what  is  an uprooted tree
A    dead wood 

Q    what  is  a bit 
A    first and last piece

Q   what  is  a whole
A    the middle piece

Q    what  is  sex before marriage
A    the real thing

Q    what  is  a divorced marriage partner
A    ex without the sex

Q    what  is  a new lease of life
A    sex without the ex

Q    what  is  a cashless person
A    credit worthy

Q    what  is  never right
A    something left 

Q    what  is  a locked public toilet
A    piss poor service

Q    what  is  a vampire
A    a one hit parasite

Q   what  is  useless livestock
A    dead meat

Q    what  is  parliament
A    open conspiracy

Q    what  is  a church service
A    an organ grind

Q    what  is  sour grapes
A    a bad whine

Q    what  is  slippery when wet
A    a sign that states such

Q    what  is  nudity
A    stark reality    

Q    what  is  authoritarian rule

Q    what  is  a dictator
A    any parent of a child

Q    what  is  de facto marriage
A    pet ownership

Q    what  is divorced from reality 
A    a married couple

Q    what  is  a marital domestic dispute 
A    a demolition derby

Q   what  is  bisexuality
A   double indemnity

Q    what  is  homosexuality
A    a half effort

Q   what  is  heterosexuality
A    a double take 

Q    what  is  a hot dog 
A    a silly sausage

Q    what  is  a motor mouth
A    a straight shooter

Q    what  is  a spin doctor
A    a bull artist

Q    what  is  an alternate health practitioner
A    a switch doctor

Q    what  is  a visa and passport
A    a tourist trap 

Q    what  is  out of mind out of sight
A    a space alien

Q    what  is  character assassination
A    a support group

Q    what  is  a newly released prisoner
A    a criminology graduate 

Q    what  is  a police force
A    organised crime

Q   what  is  play school
A    business and government

Q    what  is  a court visit
A    a guilt trip 

Q    what  is  death
A    a free for all

Q    what  is  the purpose of life
A    death by design

Q    what  is  cremation
A    a fire sale

Q    what  is  a cemetery 
A    a dead waste

Q    what  is  a garbage truck
A    a load of rubbish

Q    what  is  a computer
A    a chip off the old block

Q    what  is  a straight flush  
A    a row of toilet cubicles

Q    what  is  a lone fish
A    a drop out

Q    what  is  a moving pedestrian conversing by mobile phone 
A    a walkie talkie

Q    what  is  a mobile phone conversation in a passing motor vehicle  
A    a drive by mouth shoot

Q    what  is  disaster
A    not recognising one

Q    what  is  serious texting
A    all thumbs   

Q    what  is  a work place
A    the inside world

Q    what  is  a leisure place
  the outside world

Q    what  is  a home place
A    the whole world 

Q    what  is  an unanswered question 
A    a statement 

Q    what  is  an answered question
A    a predicament

Q    what  is  silliness
A    fluff for stuff

Q    what  is  a comedy of errors
A    life  

Q    what  is  reversible 
A    the subject of both the question and answer

Q    what  is  something without an object but with objectivity
A    question and answer

Q    what  is  wisdom
A    examination of the entirety

Q    what  is  futility
A   examination of the first and last bit

Q    what  is  eternal
A    the entirety




using established base word forms to examine and highlight word relationships through various word listings and groupings should provide a fun & rewarding language learning experience for both native  English  speakers and speakers of other languages




HOMOPHONE  –  a word with the same pronunciation but a different spelling and meaning




ate                                  past tense of eat
eight                              one of the nine single digits
ait                                   a small island in a river

bar                                  a long rod
barre                              horizontal dance exercise rail
bah                                 exclamation of contempt

bel                                   a unit measure of sound intensity
bell                                  hollow metallic flared cup shape instrument producing ringing sounds
belle                               a beautiful women

bite                                 cut with teeth
byte                                unit of computer storage
bight                              inward shoreline curve

boar                               a male pig
boor                               a dull person
bore                               make a round hole by rotation

bowl                               deliver a ball in a certain way
bole                                stem or trunk of a tree
boll                                 rounded seed capsule of plants such as cotton or flax

brut                                unsweetened
brute                             a violet person or animal
bruit                              a report or rumour ( archaic )

by                                    near
bye                                 omitted sporting match
buy                                 purchase

carrot                            a tapering orange coloured root vegetable
caret                              a mark placed below the line to indicate a proposed insertion in a text
carat                              a measure of the purity of gold and precious stones

cast                                 something thrown forcefully in a specific direction
caste                              Hindu hereditary social grouping
karst                               cavity ridden limestone region

cent                                currency unit of many countries
sent                                past tense of send
scent                              a distinctive smell

clue                                 an indication
clew                                the lower corner of a sail
clou                                 chief attraction

coin                                 shaped and stamped metal currency
coign                              a favourable action position
quoin                             an external angle of a building

coolie                            an unskilled native labourer
coulee                           a short flow of viscous lava
coulis                             a thin fruit or vegetable puree used as a sauce

core                                the central or integral part of a greater whole
corps                              a main subdivision of an army in the field
caw                                 the harsh cry of a rook or crow or similar bird

devisor                          a person who leaves something to someone by the terms of a will
deviser                          someone who contrives a plan
divisor                           a number that divides into another without a remainder

doe                                  a female deer
dough                            moist mixture of flour for baking
doh                                 1st  &  8th note of a major scale  /  the note C

erne                                 a sea eagle  –  poetic
earn                                 obtaining wages from labour
urn                                   a tall rounded vase with  stem and base

fane                                 a temple or shine
feign                                pretend to be affected by a feeling or state or injury
fain                                  pleased or willing under the circumstances  –  archaic

fote                                 personal characteristic of ability
fort                                 a reinforced enclosure
fought                           past tense of fight

four                                 one of the nine single numerals
for                                    support or favour towards something
fore                                 situated or placed in front

hay                                  mowed and dried grass used as fodder
hey                                  exclamation of attention , surprise , interest , annoyance , agreement
heigh                              exclamation of encouragement or enquiry  –  archaic

high                                upward extent
hi                                     greeting
hie                                   quickly

home                             the place where one permanently resides
holm                              an islet in a river or near a mainland
hom                               the juice of the soma plant as a sacred drink of the Parsees

I                                        self
eye                                  biological organ for vision
aye                                  affirmation by voice  –  archaic

knew                             past tense of know
new                                produced or introduced or discovered recently
nu                                   the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet

kohl                               a black powder used as an eye cosmetic
coal                               a combustible rock of carbonised plant matter
cole                               a brassica genus plant especially cabbage or kale or rape

manna                          heaven sent Biblical food
manor                           main estate house
manner                        a particular way

marque                        a make of car as distinct from a specific model
marc                              the refuse of grapes that have been pressed for wine making
mark                              a small surface area having a different colour from its surroundings

mat                                 a small rug
matt                               a dull and flat colour or surface without shine or gloss
matte                             impurity of a sulphide ore smelt

meat                              the flesh of an animal for food
meet                              arrive in the presence of others
mete                              dispense a punishment or harsh treatment

miner                             a person who works in a mine
minor                             lesser in importance or seriousness or significance
mynah                           an Australasian starling with dark plumage & gregarious behaviour

pair                                a couple
pear                               a fruit
pare                               peel

paten                            a plate used for holding the bread during the Eucharist
patten                           a shoe or clog with a raised sole or set on an iron ring
pattern                         a regular and intelligible form or sequence

peak                              at the highest level
peek                              look quickly or furtively
pique                            arouse interest or curiosity

pouf                              dress with a large mass of gathered material which protrudes outward
poof                              an effeminate or homosexual man
pouffe                          a cushioned footstool or low seat with no back

queue                           an awaiting line or sequence of people or vehicles  
cue                                 a prompt or signal for action
kyu                                 A  low grading level in judo and karate and other martial arts

rain                                liquid precipitation
rein                                guiding strap for a horse
reign                             period of monarchical rule

rho                                17th Greek letter
row                                propel a boat with oars
roe                                 spawn of the female fish

soar                              glide at a height
sore                              a painful wound
saw                               past tense of see

seal                               a fish eating aquatic mammal with feet developed as flippers
seel                               close someone’s eyes to prevent vision  –  archaic
ceil                                line or plaster the roof usually of a building  –  archaic

sear                               burn or scorch with a sudden intense heat
cere                               a waxy fleshy covering at the base of the upper beak in some birds
sere                               a natural succession of plant or animal communities

semen                          the male reproductive fluid which contains spermatozoa in suspension
seaman                       a person who works as a sailor especially one below the rank of officer
seamen                       plural and singlar for those who form part of an oceanic sea vessel crew

sensor                         a detection device which measures and records a physical property
censor                         an official who suppresses distribution of written and visual material
censer                         a container in which incense is burnt during a religious ceremony

sign                              something indicating the current situation and what may happen
sine                              the trigonometric function concerning a right angled triangle
syne                             ago  –  as per the Scottish song Auld Lang Syne

sight                             the faculty or power of physical vision in a human or animal
site                                area of ground upon which something is placed or an action occurs
cite                                referring to the written works of others in upholding a line of argument

so                                  indicate manner
sow                              scatter seed
sew                              needle thread work

son                               a boy or man in relation to either or both of his parents
sun                               the central body of any solar system
sunn                            a fibre similar to hemp  –  Southern Asia

steel                            a hard strong grey or bluish grey alloy of mainly iron with some carbon
steal                            take personal property without permission and intention of return
stele                            the central core of the stem and root of a vascular plant

tael                              a weight used in China and East Asia
tail                               the flexible backbone extension of animal vertebrate
tale                              a story of doubtful authenticity portrayed as true  –  archaic

tea                               a hot drink made by infusing dried crushed leaves in boiling water
tee                               a cleared space at the beginning of each golf course hole
ti                                   the seventh note of a major scale / the note B

to                                  indication of direction
too                               excess
two                              one of the nine single digits

tore                              past tense of tear
taw                               a large marble
tor                                an exposed and rounded weathered rock

tort                              a non contractual infringement of a right leading to legal liability
taut                             stretched or pulled tight
taught                        past tense of teach

tun                               a large beer or wine cask
ton                               an imperial unit of weight measure
tonne                          a metric unit of weight measure

turn                             move in a circular direction wholly or partly round an axis or point
tern                              a small slender seabird with long pointed wings and a forked tail
terne                           lead alloy containing about 20 per cent tin and often some antimony

vail                               remove or lower the hat as a token of respect or submission  –  archaic
vale                              a valley  –  poetic
veil                               a piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face

vain                              one portraying a high opinion of their appearance or ability or worth
vane                             the broad blade of a windmill or propeller or turbine or similar device
vein                              larger circulatory tubes of the body carrying oxygen depleted blood

ware                             a manufactured articles of a specified type
wear                             have something on the body as clothing or decoration or protection
where                           in or to what place or position or direction or situation or condition

whale                          a very large marine mammal with a blowhole and horizontal tail fin
wale                             a horizontal wooden strip fitted to a boat side for strengthening
wail                              a prolonged high pitched cry of pain or grief or anger

whether                      choice of alternatives
weather                      present climate
wether                         a castrated ram

whore                           female prostitute
hoar                              gray with age
haw                               red fruit of the hawthorn




awe                             fearful admiration
oar                               a fixed boat paddle
ore                               metal bearing rock
or                                  alternative

lee                                the wind sheltered side of a hill or mountain
lea                                an open area of grassy or arable land
ley                                a straight line connecting nodes of earth energy
li                                    a unit of Chinese distance measure

more                            greater
moor                            tract of open wasteland
maw                             the mouth and throat and gullet area of an animal
mor                              humus formed under acid conditions

poor                             impoverished
pore                             minute opening
pour                             falling flow
paw                              clawed animal foot

you                               the other person
yew                              evergreen coniferous tree
ewe                              a female sheep
yu                                  aboriginal shelter or windbreak

weigh                           measure of bulk
whey                            liquid from curd
way                               manner or path
wey                               old unit of weight measure

wright                          a maker or builder  –  archaic
write                             mark words on a surface with a marking implement
right                              what is generally acceptable
rite                                 a solemn ceremony or act




air                                 the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth
heir                              one who may obtain an inheritance
ere                                before in time  –  archaic  
ayre                             a ridge of sand or gravel formed by the sea
eyre                             a circuit court once held in medieval England

pa                                 father  –  informal
pah                              expression of disgust or contempt
par                               equal in importance or quality
pas                               a dance step in classical ballet
parr                              a young salmon or trout between the stages of fry and smolt




HETERONYM  –  a word spelt the same with a different pronunciation and meaning


ate                          past tense of eat  /  a Filipino elder sister

agape                    open with wonder  /  Christian fellowship

agora                      a public market place of ancient Greece  /  currency unit of Israel

alternate               occur in turn repeatedly  /  every other time

appropriate         suitable for a particular situation  /  take possession without consent

attribute                credited cause  /  a characteristic or inherent quality

bass                         a freshwater fish  /  the lowest adult male singing voice

boule                       the metal ball used in a French game of bowls  /  Greek legislative body

bow                          a form of greeting  /  a type of knot

buffet                      a self served meal consisting of several dishes  /  a blow

chela                       a crab claw  /  follower and pupil of a guru

close                        end  /  near

combine                  join or include  /  a combine harvester

commune               living independently from the state  /  converse

compact                   closely arranged  /  an agreement

conduct                    the manner of behaviour  /  guide or organise or direct

console                      a control panel  /  comfort

content                       contained items  /  satisfied

contract                      a legally binding agreement  /  decrease by size or number or range

converse                    opposite  /  talk

couch                           lounge furniture  /  a lawn grass

covert                           a thicket that can hide game  /  not openly acknowledged or displayed )

curate                           assistant of a parish priest  /  preserve

deliberate                   long and careful consideration  /  an act intentionally done

digest                           compilation of existing written material  /  absorb nutrients from food

desert                          arid land area  /  abandon

entrain                        carriage of flowing particles  /  enthusiasm or animation

entrance                     inward transverse  /  instil delight

excise                           duty or tax  /  remove

excuse                         an explanation of a fault  /  forgiveness of an indiscretion

fils                                 currency of Iraq  Bahrain  Jordan  Kuwait  Yemen  /  surname addition

flageolet                     a small flute  /  French kidney bean

forte                             personal characteristic of ability  /  musical term for performed loudly

gibber                         rounded desert stone  /  chatter unintelligibly

gill                                aquatic respiratory organ  /  unit of liquid measure

incense                       enrage  /  sweet smelling burnt substance

intern                          trainee doctor  /  residential restriction

intimate                     hint  /  close relationship

invalid                        infirm person  /  not correct

lead                            metal  /  guide

live                              present  /  exist

mare                           female equine animal  /  dark flat areas on the moon

maroon                      isolate on an a coastline or island  /  dark reddish colour

mere                           basic  /  Maori war club

minute                       very small  /  unit of time

moderate                  average intensity  /  make less extreme

mole                            a trusted deeply embedded spy  / a highly spiced Mexican sauce 

none                          not any  /  ninth canonical hour of prayer held at 3 pm

nun                              member of  female religious order /  14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

object                         formally complain  /  a thing

pension                      social security payment  /  cheap French boarding house

perfect                        possessing all elements  /  make something free of defect

permit                         officially allow  /  a deep bodied fish of the jack family

present                       existing  /  gift

produce                      manufacture from raw material  /  the natural products of agriculture

project                         an planned enterprise with a specific aim /  extent outward

read                              decipher  /  gain by reading

refuse                           rubbish  /  decline an offer

separate                      individual  /  splitting into self functioning parts

slough                         a sporadically filled water channel  /  shedding of skin

sow                               planting seed  /  an adult female pig

subject                         target of attention  /  direct the unpleasant upon the reluctant

tear                                rip  /  secretions of crying

ton                                 a unit of imperial weight measure  /  fashionable style or distinction

rouse                            awaken  /  scold

row                                propel a boat by oars  /  dispute

vale                               a valley  /  farewell  –  archaic

wind                             moving air  /  twirl

won                              past tense of win  /  the basic monetary unit of North and South Korea

wound                         injury  /  turn


A  CONCISE  PALINDROME  LIST  /  4 letter plus words only


PALINDROME  –  a word spelt the same both foreward and backward


acca                      a gold and silk brocade of medieval origin

anna                     a former currency unit of India and Pakistan

boob                     a female breast

civic                       concerning the administration of a town or city

deed                      a notable feat or accomplishment / a legal document

kayak                    an enclosed canoe propelled by a double bladed paddle

kook                     an eccentric person

level                      a position in a hierarchy / placed horizontally

madam               a woman who manages a brothel

noon                     midday

peep                     a brief glance through a small opening

poop                     the after most and highest deck of a ship / excrement

radar                     an electronic apparatus for detecting large distant objects

refer                      allude

rotor                      a hub with a number of radiating blades

tenet                      a principal belief in religion or philosophy

toot                        a short sharp sound made by a horn or wood wind instrument


A  CONCISE  PALINFORM  LIST  /  4 plus letter words only


PALINFORM  –  a different word derived from the backward spelling of a word


avid / diva

bonk / knob

deem / meed

deer / reed

dial / laid

evil / live

golf / flog

gulp / plug

keel / leek

keep / peek

lever / revel

liar / rail

mood / doom

part / trap

pool / loop

rang / gnar

reel / leer

room / moor

tang / gnat

tide / edit

time / emit

tool / loot

tram / mart

trot / tort

ward / draw

wolf / flow

yard / dray


A  SELECTIVE  PALINFILE  LISTING  /  5 plus letter words only    


PALINFILE  –  a word that will form another word when its first letter is removed
or other words when each subsequent first letter is removed but does not form
another word if any single letter is added as an attempted first word letter


PALINFILE  SINGLE  LIST   –  the 2nd word is derived from the palinfile  


acorn  /  corn

acute  /  cute

alien  /  lien

apathetic  /  pathetic

asteroid  /  steroid

atoll  /  toll

avenue  /  venue

avoid  /  void

blame  /  lame

blast  /  last

bleach  /  leach

bleak  /  leak

bless  /  less

blouse  /  louse

blubber  /  lubber

booze  /  ooze

border  /  order

branch  /  ranch

bring  /  ring

brisk  /  risk

chaste  /  haste

check  /  heck

cleft  /  left

climb  /  limb

close  /  lose

cripple  /  ripple

dapple  /  apple

dawning  /  awning

dearth  /  earth

delectable  /  electable

devil  /  evil

dinner  /  inner

driver  /  river

dwelt  /  welt

emerge  /  merge

emigrant  /  migrant

emotion  /  motion

espouse  /  spouse

estrange  /  strange

every  /  very

event  /  vent

faction  /  action

factor  /  actor

factual  /  actual

fleer  /  leer

flong  /  long

frigid  /  rigid

gambit   /  ambit

gastronomy  /  astronomy

ghost  /  host

glaze  /  laze

glance  /  lance

globe  /  lobe

gnome  /  nome

groan  /  roan

grope  /  rope

gruff   /  ruff

ideal  /  deal

klutz  /  lutz

ladder  /  adder

lament  /  ament

lawful  /  awful

loath  /  oath

member  /  ember

neither  /  either

olive  /  live

omission  /  mission

ovary  /  vary

parable  /  arable

particle  /  article

particular  /  articular

phone  /  hone

plane  /  lane

platitude  /  latitude

plead  /  lead

plunge  /  lunge

pounce  /  ounce

prattle  /  rattle

present  /  resent

preserve  /  reserve

president  /  resident

presume  /  resume

probe  /  robe

proof  /  roof

rankle  /  ankle

reject  /  eject

regret  /  egret

relation  /  elation

remit  /  emit

sample  /  ample

scamp  /  camp

scoop  /  coop

scope  /  cope

screw  /  crew

scull  /  cull

select  /  elect

seven  /  even

shack  /  hack

shalt  /  halt

sharp  /  harp

shave  /  have

sheath  /  heath

shell  /  hell

shock  /  hock

shoot  /  hoot

shunt  /  hunt

simply  /  imply

skill  /  kill

slather  /  lather

slavish  /  lavish

sleek  /  leek

sliver  /  liver

sloop  /  loop

smelt  /  melt

smile  /  mile

smite  /  mite

smoke  /  moke

snail  /  nail

snook  /  nook

sought  /  ought

spank  /  pank

spawn  /  pawn

speak  /  peak

speck  /  peck

spelt  /  pelt

sperm  /  perm

spike  /  pike

sprint  /  print

spoke  /  poke

spool  /  pool

spoon  /  poon

spoor  /  poor

spunk  /  punk

squail  /  quail

squash  /  quash

squid  /  quid

squill  /  quill

squire  /  quire

squirt  /  quirt

squit  /  quit

squiz  /  quiz

stake  /  take

stalk  /  talk

steam  /  team

stent  /  tent

stiff  /  tiff

stilt  /  tilt

stint  /  tint

stool  /  tool

stress  /  tress

stuff  /  tuff

stumble  /  tumble

swain  /  wain

swank  /  wank

sward  /  ward

swelter  /  welter

swing  /  wing

swish  /  wish

sword  /  word

thatch  /  hatch

their  /  heir

thigh  /  high

thorn  /  horn

tread  /  read

trifle  /  rifle

trigger  /  rigger

trite  /  rite

trouble  /  rouble

truffle  /  ruffle

tweak  /  weak

tweed  /  weed

twist  /  wist

valley  /  alley

vindicate  /  indicate

vomit  /  omit

welder  /  elder

whang  /  hang

whelp  /  help

whence  /  hence

whither  /  hither

whoop  /  hoop

women  /  omen


PALINFILE  DOUBLE  LIST  –  the 2nd & 3rd words are derived from the palinfile


abate  /  bate  /  ate

abide  /  bide  /  ide

ablaze  /  blaze  /  laze

ablush  /  blush  /  lush

abode  /  bode  /  ode

abort  /  bort  /  ort

about  /  bout  /  out

abridge  /  bridge  /  ridge

abroad  /  broad  /  road

adrift  /  drift  /  rift

afire  /  fire  /  ire

aflame  /  flame  /  lame

afore  /  fore  /  ore

agape  /  gape  /  ape

agate  /  gate  /  ate

agreed  /  greed  /  reed

amass  /  mass  /  ass

amend  /  mend  /  end

amice  /  mice  /  ice

amoral  /  moral  /  oral

amuse  /  muse  /  use

anode  /  node  /  ode

apart  /  part  /  art

asquint  /  squint  /  quint

astern  /  stern  /  tern

asunder  /  sunder  /  under

avail  /  vail  /  ail

avaunt  /  vaunt  /  aunt

avouch  /  vouch  /  ouch

await  /  wait  /  ait

aware  /  ware  /  are

blend  /  lend  /  end

blimp  /  limp  /  imp

bramble  /  ramble  /  amble

chair  /  hair  /  air

charm  /  harm  /  arm

clever  /  lever  /  ever

crusher  /  rusher  /  usher

email  /  mail  /  ail

famine  /  amine  /  mine

futile  /  utile  /  tile

grasp  /  rasp  /  asp

ozone  /  zone  /  one

place  /  lace  /  ace

please  /  lease  /  ease

restate  /  estate  /  state

scare  /  care  /  are

score  /  core  /  ore

scowl  /  cowl  /  owl

scream  /  cream  /  ream

shale  /  hale  /  ale

shall  /  hall  /  all

share  /  hare  /  are

shark  /  hark  /  ark

shear  /  hear  /  ear

shire  /  hire  /  ire

slice  /  lice  /  ice

small  /  mall  /  all

smash  /  mash  /  ash

smirk  /  mirk  /  irk

space  /  pace  /  ace

spark  /  park  /  ark

spare  /  pare  /  are

spate  /  pate  /  ate

spear  /  pear  /  ear

spill  /  pill  /  ill

splatter  /  platter  /  latter

spore  /  pore  /  ore

sport  /  port  /  ort

spout  /  pout  /  out

sprang  /  prang  /  rang

spray  /  pray  /  ray

sprig  /  prig  /  rig

sputter  /  putter  /  utter

stable  /  table  /  able

stale  /  tale  /  ale

stall  /  tall  /  all

start  /  tart  /  art

stick  /  tick  /  ick

still  /  till  /  ill

stinker  /  tinker  /  inker

store  /  tore  /  ore

strain  /  train  /  rain

strap  /  trap  /  rap

strip  /  trip  /  rip

struck  /  truck  /  ruck

swallow  /  wallow  /  allow

swarm  /  warm  /  arm

sweep  /  weep  /  eep

swipe  /  wipe  /  ipe

usage  /  sage  /  age

wheel  /  heel  /  eel

whelm  /  helm  /  elm


PALINFILE  TRIPLE  LIST   –  the 2nd & 3rd & 4th words are derived from the palinfile


asleep  /  sleep  /  leep  /  eep

astray  /  stray  /  tray  /  ray

plaid  /  laid  /  aid  /  id

relapse  /  elapse  /  lapse  /  aspe

scram  /  cram  /  ram  /  am

splash  /  plash  /  lash  /  ash

stripe  /  tripe  /  ripe  /  ipe


PALINFILE  QUADUPLE  LIST   –  the 2nd & 3rd & 4th & 5th words derive from the palinfile


abloom  /  bloom  /  loom  /  oom  /  om

escape  /  scape  /  cape  /  ape  /  pe

prelate  /  relate  /  elate  /  late  /  ate


A  SELECTIVE  PALINFLOW  LISTING  /  5 plus letter words only


PALINFLOW  –  a palinfile where another letter or letters can be substituted for the initial  removed letter to make a different word which will still produce the same new word or words of the original palinfile


PALINFLOW  SINGLE  LIST   –  the 2nd word is derived from the palinflow


aitch (  b , d , f , h , p  )  /  itch

alack (  b , c , f , s  )  /  lack

alight (  b , f , p , s  )  /  light

aloud ( c )  /  loud

bable (  c , f , g , s , t  )  /  able

ballow (  c , f , m , s , t , w  )  /  allow

bally (  d , p , r , s , t , w  )  /  ally

balter (  f , h , p , s  )  /  alter

bangle (  d , f , g , j , m , t , w  )  /  angle

barrow (  f , h , m , n , y  )  /  arrow

beach (  p , t  )  /  each

beast (  f , l , y  )  /  east

blank (  c , f , p , s  )  /  lank

blitter (  c , f , g , s  )  /  litter

bling (  c , f , s  )  /  ling

block (  c , f , s  )  /  lock

blower (  f , g , p , s  )  /  lower

blush (  f , p , s  )  /  lush

boast (  c , r , t  )  /  oast

bolder (  c , f , h , p , s  )  /  older

boral (  c , l , s  )  /  oral

bother ( m )  /  other

brack (  c , d , f , t  )  /  rack

brain (  d , g , t  )  /  rain

braise ( p )  /  raise

brake (  c , d  )  /  rake

bread (  d , t  )  /  read

bream (  c , d  )  /  ream

breed (  c , d , f , p , t  )  /  reed

bright (  f , w  )  /  right

bring ( w )  /  ring

brock (  c , f   )  /  rock

brook ( c )  /  rook

brunt ( g )  /  runt

brush ( c )  /  rush

butter (  c , g , m , n , p , r  )  /  utter

cease (  p , t  )  /  ease

chook ( s )  /  hook

chose (  t , w  )  /  hose

cinch (  d , f , p , w  )  /  inch

clave ( s )  /  lave

clean ( g )  /  lean

clime (  g , s  )  /  lime

clint (  f , g  )  /  lint

clove ( g , s )  /  love

cluck ( p )  /  luck

clump (  p , f , g , p , s  )  /  lump

clung (  f , s  )  /  lung

cocker (  d , l , m , r  )  /  ocker

cotter  (  h , j , p , r , t  )  /  otter

couch (  p , t   )  /  ouch

coven ( w )  /  oven

cover  (  h , l , r  )  /  over

cramp ( t )  /  ramp

crank (  d , f , p  )  /  rank

crude (  d , p  )  /  rude

crumble ( g )  /  rumble

crump (  f , g , t  )  /  rump

cupper ( s )  /  upper

crust ( t )  /  rust

danger (  g , h , m , r  )  /  anger

daunt (  h , g , t  )  /  aunt

deave (  h , l , r , w  )  /  eave

droll ( t )  /  roll

drove (  g , p , t  )  /  rove

elute ( f )  /  lute

faddle (  p , s , w  )  /  addle

balter (  f , h  )  /  alter

fester (  j , n , p , t  )  /  ester

fetch (  k , r , v  )  /  etch

fever (  l , n , s  )

flake ( s )  /  lake

floss ( g )  /  loss

gamble (  h , w  )  /  amble

golden ( h )  /  olden

grange ( o )  /  range

gripe ( t )  /  ripe

gusher (  p , r  )  /  usher

hedge (  k , l , s , w  )  /  edge

height ( w )  /  eight

larch (  m , p  )  /  arch

learn ( y )  /  earn

nether (  t , w )  /  ether

opine ( s )  /  pine

purge ( s )  /  urge

swain ( t )  /  wain

swine ( t )  /  wine

swirl ( t )  /  wirl


PALINFLOW  DOUBLE  LIST  –  the 2nd & 3rd words are derived from the palinflow


aland (  b , e , g  )  /  land  /  and

alate (  b , p , s )  /  late  /  ate

alone ( c )  /  lone  /  one

atone ( s )  /  tone  /  one

awash ( s )  /  wash  /  ash

bland (  e , g  )  /  land  /  and

blash (  c , f , s  )  /  lash  /  ash

bleach (  f , p  )  /  leach  /  each

blink (  c , p , s  )  /  link  /  ink

brace (  g , t  )  /  race  /  ace

brail (  d , f , g , t  )  /  rail  /  ail

brant ( d , g )  /  rant  /  ant

brash (  c , t  )  /  rash  /  ash

brave (  c , g  )  /  rave  /  ave

breach ( p )  /  reach  /  each

bride ( p )  /  ride  /  ide

brill (  d , f , g , k , p , t  )  /  rill  /  ill

brink (  c , d , p , t  )  /  rink  /  ink

challow ( s )  /  hallow  /  allow

chart ( s )  /  hart  /  art

chick ( t )  /  hick  /  ick

chill (  s , t  )  /  hill  /  ill

class ( g )  /  lass  /  ass

click (  f , s  )  /  lick  /  ick

clout (  f , g  )  /  lout  /  out

clumber (  p , s  )   /  lumber  /  umber

craft (  d , g , k  )  /  raft  /  aft

crate (  f , g  , p  )  /  rate  /  ate

drape (  g , t  )  /  rape  /  ape

dwell ( s )  /  well  /  ell

fledge (  p , s  )  /  ledge  /  edge

gravel ( t )  /  ravel  /  avel

grice (  p , t  )  /  rice  /  ice

swaddle ( t )  /  waddle  /  addle

swale ( d )  /  wale  /  ale

swill ( t )  /  will  /  ill

switch ( t )  /  witch  /  itch

there ( w )  /  here  /  ere


PALINFLOW  TRIPLE  LIST   –  the 2nd & 3rd & 4th words are derived from the palinflow


bleat (  c , p  )  /  leat  /  eat  /  at

broom ( g )  /  room  /  oom  /  om

cleave ( s )  /  leave  /  eave  /  ave

gloom ( s )  /  loom  /  oom /  om

wheat ( c )  /  heat  /  eat  /  at


A  SELECTIVE  PALINFOLD  LISTING  /  5 plus letter words only


PALINFOLD  –  a base word that will form a different base word when its last letter is removed or other base words upon each subsequent last letter removal but cannot form another different base word if any single letter is added as an attempted last word letter




boral  /  bora

budget  /  budge

clamp  /  clam

fleet  /  flee

forget  /  forge

gripe  /  grip

haste  /  hast

heart  /  hear

intern  /  inter

irony  /  iron

lasso  /  lass

limbo  /  limb

party  /  part

plant  /  plan

pasta  /  past

scrape  /  scrap

stark  /  star

start  /  star

stripe  /  strip

study  /  stud

teste  /  test

thane  /  than

thought  /  though

valet  /  vale

virgina  /  virgin

whisky  /  whisk

write  /  writ




caret  /  care  /  car

chine  /  chin  /  chi

pastel  /  paste  /  past

planet  /  plane  /  plan

toilet  /  toile  /  toil




brandy  /  brand  /  bran  /  bra

panty  /  pant  /  pan  /  pa

yearn  /  year  /  yea  /  ye




PALINFOIL  –  a word prefaced by one of its own variations that will provide reinforced emphasis & dimensional depth to its particular meaning


. . . . . .   actively  active

( an )  adventurous  adventure

. . . . . .   artfully  artistic

. . . . . .    creative  creativity

( a )  crossdressed  crossdresser

( a )  dreamy  dream

. . . . . .   despondent  despondency

( an )  epic  epic

. . . . . .   eventually  eventuate

( an )  extended  extension

( a )  fantasized  fantasy

( a )  fomalised  formality

. . . . . .   futuristic  futurism

. . . . . .   historical  history

( an )  inspired  inspiration

( an )  instantaneous  instant

( a )  marvellous  marvel

. . . . . .   naked  nakedness

( a )  nude  nudist

( a )  parasitic  parasite

( a )  parliamentary  parliamentarian

. . . . . .   poetic  poetry

( a )  reactive  reaction

. . . . . .   voyeuristic  voyeurism

. . . . . .   weirdly  weird

( a )  whimsical  whim


GROUP  NUMBERING  –  Adjectives


Single  1   sole  /  lone  /  only  /  once  –  weekly

Double  2   dual  /  twice  –  weekly

Triple  3   treble  /  thrice  –  fortnightly

Quadruple  4

Quintuple  or Pentuple  5   fivefold

Sextuple  or Hextuple  6   sixfold

Septuple  7   sevenfold

Octuple  8   eightfold

Nonuple  9   ninefold

Decuple  10   tenfold

Hendecuple  or  Undecuple  11   elevenfold

Duodecuple  12   twelvefold

Tredecuple  13   thirteenfold

Quattuordecuple  14   forteenfold

Quindecuple  15   fifteenfold

Sexdecuple  16   sixteenfold

Septendecuple  17   seventeenfold

Octodecuple  18   eighteenfold

Novemdecuple  19   nineteenfold

Viguple  20   twentyfold

21    twenty-onefold

22   twenty-twofold

23   twenty-fourfold

24   twenty-fivefold

26   twenty-sixfold

27   twenty-sevenfold

28   twenty-eightfold

29   twenty-ninefold

30   thirtyfold

40   fortyfold

50   fiftyfold

60   sixtyfold

70   seventyfold

80   eightyfold

90   ninetyfold

Centuple  100   hundredfold

144   one hundred and forty-fourfold

200    two hundredfold




1 )  Cranberries
2 )  Oranges
3 )  Peaches
4 )  Lemons
5 )  Grape  Fruits 
6 )  Water  Melons
7 )  Pears
8 )  Cucumbers
9 )  Sweet  Potatoes
10 )   Bee  Strings
11 )  Flap  Jacks
12  )  Has  Beens
13 )  Pointers
14 )  Mail  Bags
15 )  Under  Chinners 
16 )  Cup  Cakes 
17 )  Balloons
18  )  Water  Wings
19 )  Coat  Hooks
20 )  Block  Busters
21 )  Hot  Water  Bottles




Hoard  the  best
Ignore  the  rest
Remember  lest




With  earth  of  old
and  berth  of  bold
comes  bliss  of  loss
and  miss  of  floss




Thou  surely  dost  twirl
when  taking  thy  swirl
but  that  be  better
than  din  of  spin
for  there  the  inner
will work  its  way  thither



Everything in this existence  is manifested  by thought which  is governed  by words

All words will contain a philosophical element ( lore ) and a legalistic element ( law )

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