One should only be instructed if they cannot find their own way . King Charles the 3rd and any future monarch of the United Kingdom and Northern Island must never think themself sovereign of Australia because a British monarch does not possess a passport and thereby can be refused legal entry to any other country . Circumnavigation of this legal obstacle is mainly achieved by delegating others to act upon their behalf by an oath or affirmation of allegiance . All federal Australian parliamentarians have sworn such oath or affirmation .

The Australian population does willingly accept rule by the British Monarchy as a claimed 90 per cent of such pay for their public transport usage when it should be free . Payment of a fare for public transport travel does not constitute a ticket to freedom for it merely doth represent a token of esteem to the reigning British monarch and the associated monarchy .

Australia or its population do not have collective freedom because they form an integral part of a foreign kingdom being its lower ( down under ) realm . Eventually the Australian population must choose its own type of collective societal organisational structure and thus avoid continual and unnecessary outside dominance and interference .

A ruler is an implement which does measure and make a straight line . If one does not have possession of their own rule they cannot straightly measure . However if a population does both collectively and individually needlessly allow others to measure them then they shall be mismeasured and subjected to a broad and assorted range of general mistreatment .

A nation must make its own measure of self worth and never leave it to the indiscriminate whimsical will of a foreign realm . The body of people that form the Australian nation must serve each other and no longer be imprisoned by a shameful past colonial history .


The Australian voting population will be subjected to an isolated referendum that is set and scheduled for the end of this year . Usually a referendum is incorporated as part of a general Federal election for the obvious practical reason of labour and monetary resource minimisation . The next Federal election should be held in 2025 . Apparently this particular referendum cannot be delayed until 2025 for some unknown reason but given its less than urgent nature such delay could safely be made without any detrimental consequence . In fact the referendum itself must be considered the most needless of all in Australian history and would be a serious contender as the most needless referendum in world history .

It could be construed that the Australian government is engaged in an activity that must be hidden from public scrutiny and the timing of the referendum will act as a major diversion . However any government national or otherwise shall always engage in activity that it must hide from broader censure for expediency . A prolonged lead time for any type of change will generally ensure and guarantee its eventual enactment . That outcome did transpire and result for the enactment of same sex marriage in Australia during 2017 so this tactic is now being repeated much more so for the voice to Parliament legislative structure .

The aboriginal population of Australia have now been exposed to Anglo European culture for well over 200 years and hence many generations to the point where their traditional and nomadic life style with its deep spiritual connection to the land and nature has almost been obliterated . This phenomenon has not just occurred in Australia but world wide . The spiritualism does still remain but its form has changed . It could be emphatically said that native spiritualism has been commercialised just the same as the commercialisation of the homosexual lifestyle with the derived mardi gras and the same sex marriage phenomena . In essence the age old battle between the perspectives of spiritualism and materialism and idealism ( dreamtime ) does continue as a legalistic civilised manifestation thereof . It may be academically and intellectually considered an integrated cultural evolution or a natural sequential progression development .

The pragmatist should clearly see that the created available positions for the outlined voice to parliament structure would be largely filled by the highly educated element of the aboriginal population which will be ingrained and instilled with a completely westernized materialistic outlook and viewpoint . Their ancestral heritage shall be instantly ignored and forgotten in such a bureaucratic environment of cut and trust that is totally divorced and severed from the idealistic dreamtime . Fuller international control and access to vital Australian mineral and energy resources especially the abundant reserves of quality uranium while simultaneously circumnavigating and side stepping land usage rights for all Australians would most likely represent the objective but the international demand for such can be easily fulfilled by the present functional and established regimes that have been carefully put in place over recent decades .


Wednesday February 08th 2023 does mark the introduction of reduced opening hours for many Coles supermarket stores throughout Australia . Coles and Woolworths have firmly established themselves as Australia’s two largest supermarket chains . Both supermarkets on the above stated date did additionally increase the price of some stock items . Most of these stock items are common to both stores so it must be seen as a coordinated and planned occurrence .

The Coles supermarket reduction of trading hours did mainly involve midnight closure
being reduced to either an 11 PM or 10 PM one . This overall reduction in trading hours
was not publicly announced beforehand .

Because a Coles supermarket was usually the last store in a shopping complex to close it now does mean an earlier close for some of these complexes in alignment with the Coles closure . Woolworths supermarkets do primarily maintain a 10 PM closure so the current situation is seeing more simultaneous conclusion of daily supermarket trade along with the aligned shopping complex closure.

Staff levels at these two supermarkets are more so consistently and fully maintained till store closure than any pronounced tiered and staged decrease of operational activity .
The high staff levels towards cessation of trade are primarily concerned with pressuring and ushering shoppers out of the store and general monitoring .

Control a nation’s food distribution and supply and the mass population is also likewise controlled . The world wide fake and fraudulent corona virus situation has not ended . The main objective of the virus scenario was eventually revealed as one giant colossal social engineering project of total regressive outright control and dominance . It doth relentlessly continue by indoctrination and mind control . A ceaseless war of attrition at the mental level . No pointed and loaded guns are ever directly required .

Earlier closure of Coles supermarkets will generally be dismissed as routine economising . The coordinated price rises however were specifically designed for the false economising perception and nothing else . Coles and Woolworths are both publicly listed share market companies and thereby have almost unlimited access to funds for capital expenditure . In other words both these enterprises have no need of excessive and extreme eonomising .

The agenda is plain . A compression of human activity for a more concentrated generation of bio energy . Interdimensionally influenced hybrid humans have controlled this realm since the dawn of civilisation and before . Trickery and deception and roguery and conflict and stupidity and confusion are all characteristic of the warped hybrid human mentality .

Large scale supermarket operation does constitute an essential service and as such should be constantly available . This doth mean 24/7 around the clock opening . The universe as a whole is comprised of partial constants and full constants . Just as the universe cannot and will not sustain an imbalance in the partial and full constant neither can planet Earth .

Parliamentary legislation of common sense is not required . Unfortunately common sense cannot be upheld by legislation because legislation does not make common sense . Any private household would usually have around the clock access to their possessions . Why should it not be so for community possessions ?


As every single human made law cannot be applied to everybody in a society unlike the natural or scientific law then the exemption factor does require some basic examination .
A legal exemption may be given to those who contrive and enforce the law and some who shall be subject to such . Under an enforceable legal system both these outlined parties may be alternatively viewed as transgressors of law and the determination as to who is such at any particular instance will be dependent upon ethical law .

Ultimately an enforceable human law can broadly be seen as ethical or unethical when the exemption factor is removed . This is best illustrated by selective example of ethical and unethical law . Ethical law is classed as beneficial for everybody in a society while unethical law will be classed as harmful to all .

An illustrative example of an ethical law would be that carriage of a loaded firearm by a person is illegal . Loaded firearm carriage does represent a danger to everybody in society and no sane or sensible individual could dispute such . Despite the ethical premise of such a law those who control do create an exemption category with the police at the pinnacle thereof . A police officer may legally carry a loaded firearm when on duty despite a plethora of lethal unnecessary police shootings throughout the world over the course of time . Self protection does form the usual explanation for a police shooting .

The self protection excuse is easily debunked as an implied contractual arrangement has been established whereby a police officer must sacrifice themself in the performance of their duty if necessary to protect the community . When the police shoot somebody the self sacrificial aspect is quickly forgotten and replaced with the attitude of shoot first and then assess the situation afterward . Better to be a living coward rather than a dead hero does become the prevailing and overriding rationale .

However , an episode of a police shooting will first require a removal of the ethical premise whereby nobody can carry a loaded firearm and this removal is achieved with a legal and lawful exemption . Those who legislate this particular firearm exemption and the police who carry the loaded firearm can now be ethically labeled as criminal regardless of what the legislative law doth state . In essence all police that carry a loaded firearm whilst on duty are nothing more than cowardly criminals who conveniently and deliberately break their community contract .

An illustrative example of an unethical law would be the mandatory wearing of a face mask to stop a spread of a supposed virus . Such an illogical practice does restrict normal human breathing and is hence harmful to health . Children under the age of 12 became the major legal exemption category . In this situation those who did make and enforced that stupid nonsensical law also did reveal themselves as fully fledged criminals of the lowest order by virtue of the underlying ethical law . This criminality does especially extend to all silly and thoughtless parents who did make their children under the age of 12 wear a face mask .

Another example for an unethical law would be the situation whereby a hospital surgeon can legally remove the organ of somebody upon the opinion that death shall eventually result if such an operation is not performed . The usual case for such a scenario would without doubt be a cancer diagnosis . Yes , the surgeon does legally gain the consent of the traumatised patient but there is no mention of a healthier lifestyle as an obvious remedy . An ethical law in this circumstance should be no organ removal for a cancer diagnosis . Any hospital surgeon who does perform such a heinous operation would automatically be seen as a criminal in accord with ethical law .

Based upon the illustrations an exemption for the ethical law will become the unethical law while an exemption for the unethical law shall become the ethical law . This reversal does translate into a legal frame flip . If there does exist a statute law that is made without an exemption then it may be meritoriously assessed as either unethical or ethical .

There may occur a situation whereby a piece of legislation contained within one legislative act will contradict some legislation contained within another legislative act . If a scenario such as this does develop the older act should take precedence over the newer act . Dominance of the newer act over the older act would require an amendment or repeal upon the older in such an outlined ambiguous legislative contradiction case to avoid any possible conflict .

Legislative parliamentary law that is unethical cannot redeem the action of anyone who does act under such . The ethical path should be clear for it is deeply embedded in the very essence of every human being . Unfortunately the world human population is being rapidly contaminated by something much more dangerous than any fake virus . There is now arising from the murky mire of iniquity the age old charlatan who doth vainly think that everyone can be fooled . Any charlatan of this persuasion should seriously develop some meaningful and beneficial altruistic intelligence and cease the unwanted interference .


Fundamentally , law should be regarded as a phenomenon which will create existence or being . A particular thing cannot exist or function unless it is governed by a corresponding particular law . Particular law cannot exist or function unless there does exist or manifest a
thing upon which it may act . It must therefore be seen that physical substance and law are derived simultaneously so the question of which came first does not arise .

The defining characteristic of particular law will be its applicability to all thing and object under its governance . This characteristic is best illustrated by the universal law of gravity whereby all physical things will be attracted to each and every other physical thing without exception otherwise the universal law of gravity would not exist or function . Although gravity as a concept would be classified a natural or scientific law the characteristic of total applicability should be relevant for all other law despite its type ( or should it ) . This total applicability assumption now does require further examination and contemplation .

Humanity does formulate law and by assumption of total applicability that formulated law is considered relevant and binding to all under its governance . Human law which is called statute or legislative law unlike its natural or scientific countrerpart will invariably contain an arbitrary component . There shall always be incorporated into human law a qualifying or exemptive element whereby a certain class of people are excluded from adherence to such law .

However , the applicability factor of law is only designed for things and objects which are not endowed with their own intelligence . The law for this type of thing must originate from outside or independent from the object itself . Humanity collectively and individually does possess intelligence from within and thus is not completely dependent upon outside and imposed intelligence in the form of definitive law .

Authoritarian dictatorial enforceable statute legislative law is not necessary for humanity because of the prior outlined reasoning . Humanity is not a collection of inanimate things and objects without intelligence . Those who somehow think otherwise and do consider themselves humane have obviously surrendered what little intelligence they may have once possessed to an external control . That external control is dominated by the lock and key mentality . Just as a lock was not devised by humanity neither was enforceable law .


A vegan dietary food intake will only form the beginning of the personal journey for those who do become a plant food eater only despite the reason that did lead to such a decision . Western society does stubbornly and predominately remain a consumer of a diet that will include animal food which is accompanied by a comparitively high and forever increasing monetary price . Culturally entrenched habit and a general ignorance of the vegan dietary alternative would explain the reason for this phenomenon .

The natural progression after a person does become purely a plant food eater will involve the adoption and embracement of a vegan lifestyle . One should not call themself vegan until the diet is complimented by an associated type of lifestyle . A genuine vegan does not consume a drug or medication of any description so they will not be a smoker or drinker of alcohol or a pill popper or a tea slurper or coffee gulper or a pepsi and cola guzzler to name the common and more obvious .

A real vegan will not personally use soap or shampoo or hair conditioner or moisturiser or sunblock cream or suntan lotion or toothpaste or mouthwash or deodorant or cosmetics . These chemicals will destroy the natural skin and hair follicle oil while the toothpaste and mouthwash will erode the tooth enamel . The full vegan does not sleep upon a pillow as
it will detrimentally affect the spine .

In the ethical domain the true vegan will not own a pet nor unnecessarily harm or kill any animal . Many aspects of pet ownership do constitute indirect sexual deviation . An animal zoo or a performing animal circus would definitely not exist in the vegan animal world just as a prison or enforceable law restriction and limitation would not exist in the new vegan human world . Heightened awareness will be endowed to the earth vegan while expanded enlightenment shall form the essence of vegan earth .



Welcome once again to the construct of artificiality . For better or for worse humanity has organised itself into a global technologically dependent monetary socio economic society which is encumbered and burdened by underlying fundamental faults and flaws that no political ideology will identify let alone fix or rectify . The doomsday prophets shall claim the whole system is positioned on the brink of imminent collapse and self destruction so the fate for humanity has thus been sealed . No such luck . Doomsday hath been and gone many times but the flawed and dysfunctional system doth still remain as entrenched and unperturbed as ever . Most people will realise the world population is existing in a state of perpetual sterility without any real purpose and meaning but are unwilling or unable to quell or challenge the wayward status quo . However the system does provide a possible mass escape from meaninglessness and waywardness which is generally called a national election as an incorporated part of the overall game play . In Australia this particular source and origin of mass escape hope will offer the following during Federal Election 2022 .

Firstly , abolish the assets and income test for the age pension which shall mean every Australian citizen or permanent resident upon reaching the legislated retirement age will be entitled to such regardless of personal wealth . Everybody in a society is steadily moving towards age pension eligibility from the day they are born and only premature death will prevent one from reaching such so it does form the single most important basic personal financial security matter for anybody regardless of their position in society .

Secondly , abolish job plan agreements for the unemployed with the employment service providers to become accredited employment agencies which shall mean every Australian citizen or permanent resident shall be unconditionally and automatically entitled to the unemployment allowance if they are physically and mentally capable of paid employment ( but not engaged in such beyond the prevailing limitation ) without the need of any such enforced job plan and its unwarranted and unwelcomed career damaging requirements .

Thirdly , full lifetime government subsidy for aged care residents , both hostel and nursing home , which shall mean an aged care facility will only require most of a residents pension for the entire duration of the residency with no need for an enforced rental or sale of the family home .

Fourthly , no sale or rental of a bequeathed inheritance property from a deceased estate unless either explicitly stated in the will or all beneficiaries agree . Property or real estate should never be construed as a windfall divisible passive investment income or a single lump sum monetary gain . If no sale is involved the new real estate certificate of title will simply record a resultant transfer of shared ownership to the legal and lawful recognised or nominated beneficiaries .

Fifthly , abolish state marriage and divorce . Only a church of religion may sanctify and bless a marriage and only death can terminate it . This abolishment would restore the real meaning of marriage as a solemn and sacred life lasting vow and should present a major deterrent for marriage being used to extract a monetary or legal or social advantage . This would mean a widowed marriage partner could not marry again but could establish any type of de facto marriage lifestyle if they so choose . The lifetime commitment aspect of marriage can only be retained by such a measure otherwise marriage as a functional and practical and desirable concept will eventually be rendered meaningless . If a person is not permitted two or more marriage partners simultaneously it must follow that a person must not also be permitted subsequent officially recognised marriage partners .

Sixthly , abolish the so-called character test for immigrants of a nation which likewise does abolish such for Australian emigrants to their nation . Upon each individual agreeance it would then eventually become a permanently established reciprocal arrangement between the participatory nations that are concerned .

Seventhly , abolish the concept of bankruptcy . If a claimed due payment is not seen as forthcoming the matter has already been decided and a write off would then apply . Current misapplication and misinterpretation of the Australian Bankruptcy Act 1966 does allow the use of such for legalised theft and robbery .

Eighthly , abolish all restrictions that were and still are associated with the fraudulent and fake worldwide coronavirus . This would mean no more enforced vaccination or lockdowns ( home imprisonment ) or surgical mask wearing ( induced self suffocation ) or any contact tracing or travel restrictions or social security job plan agreements with a veiled hidden coronavirus related reference . Such unnecessary and draconian measures should be forever viewed as the most stupid episode in the entire annuls of recorded human history .

Ninthly , legalisation of all current illicit drugs for those who are addicted . Giving substitute drugs to addicts , such as methadone or buprenorphine for heroin , is pointless because such people then become addicted to two drugs instead of the original one . The same situation is applicable to the modern form of vaping by pods . More smokers have become addicted to both tobacco and vape . The drug substitution racket does give full depth to the English expression double trouble .

Tenthly , abolish the foreign exchange market for Australia . If one unit of a single national currency were equivalent to one unit of every other national currency then an Australian foreign exchange market or participation in such would not be required . The whole matter should then become a simple currency swap and thereby eliminate the complexities of a fluctuating exchange rate .

Eleventhly , abolish the share market in Australia . This type of activity is called speculation which must be viewed as just another type of gambling no different to that found inside a casino . Company dividend payments must also be seen as merely another form of usury . All company income after wage and salary payments should be entirely directed toward its operating and capital expenditure and not directed to parasitic speculators .

Twelfthly, initiation of a public awareness campaign that will highlight the vegan diet and life style and its associated personal health and beneficial environmental aspects . If the entire world population only ate plant food there would be no need for most livestock . A comprehensive reduction in livestock does mean a lot less dung or manure which would then mean a substantial reduction in the fly population as they predominantly breed in such . A reduction in the fly population would also mean a proportional decrease in the spider population as flies are one of their primary food sources . Very few environmentalist have adopted a vegan diet and life style yet most of them would concede both flies and spiders a pest . In general vegans will live longer and be more healthy than meat eaters and vegetarians . Furthermore , there has not been any recorded case of a person with a special purpose vegan dietary consumption having ever contracted the claimed coronavirus .

Thirteenthly, instigation of a public awareness campaign to end plant and tree mutilation . Tree lopping should be curtailed because a lopped tree is reduced to a state of severe and extreme biological degradation . An undesirable tree is better destroyed rather than being left virtually limbless . Potted plants present another type of mutilation in the form of tangled gnarled roots which never recover to any extent . Despite a potted plant being taken from the pot and placed in an open bed of soil the roots will remain tangled and gnarled . Grass cutting does leave grass blades significantly shortened almost to the base and is thus another type of plant mutilation . Cut grass is often called a lawn but despite the redefined terminology it will always remain mutilated grass until all the grass blades regenerate but such constantly regenerated grass shall always be less healthy than uncut grass and its longevity considerably shortened . Many varieties of cultivated grass do not grow to any great height but such grass is usually cut regardless . If vegetation is healthy the generated surrounding micro climate will also be likewise but the reverse situation shall develop with such misguided practices as tree lopping and pot plant growing and grass cutting . Most people dislike or hate mosquitoes but unhealthy vegetation does mostly explain the prevalence of these and many other pests .

Fourteenthly , there should be no reintroduction or reinstatement of compulsory national service for Australia . At present any suitable person can voluntarily make a defence force job application and there are no lack of applicants . Australia also does possess a voluntary army reserve force for civilians and most high schools conduct cadet military training as a separate non curricular activity . If elements within the present government think that Australia is subject to or under threat of armed attack and invasion then the present private gun ownership restrictions should be revoked .

Fifthteenthly , abolish every form of taxation and the charging of interest on loans and other credit . Both taxation and the charging of interest are not necessary . The economy would not collapse . Government could effectively administer an economy purely by the creation and issue of currency and overall regulation of the money supply by credit and spending control . Taxation and the charging of interest or usury would easily take the prize for the longest unchallenged con trick of all time . As the whole process of money supply and circulation is protected by an army of specialised national economist and accountants ably supported by the banking upper echelons and clueless leading academics who all speak the same unintelligible and unintelligent language , government can and has easily escaped censure . The word con is even found within the words economy and economics and economist .

Sixteenthly , abolish the commodities market for Australia in its present form . Commodity exchanges should only be made by the direct parties who are involved in the initial original transaction so any modification of such along these lines would effectively exclude outside parties who are never part of such .

Seventeenthly , fully develop weapon nullification technology and selectively distribute that knowledge throughout general society . Such development and application would render useless the whole range of explosive and projectile based weaponry from nuclear missiles to hand guns . For every invented weaponised technological device an equivalent and corresponding reverse technological nullification device can also be developed and produced . Those who control ultimately do so by use of or threatened use of explosive and projectile based weaponry against their own citizens but a genuine civilised society does not use force or threat of force in this manner or contemplate such .

Eighteenthly , complete maintenance of age pension eligibility for Australian citizens by birth who permanently locate and reside overseas .

Nineteenthly , abolish the concept of conferred citizenship . The definition of a citizen should be entirely determined upon a person’s birthplace . A person who is born in or born en route to a specific nation would remain a lifelong citizen of such . The reciprocal concept of permanent residency would facilitate such redetermination .

Twentiethly , clothing optional status given to all Australian beaches and the immediate foreshore area thereof whether coastal or river or lake . Uneven body exposure to sunshine is unhealthy so it does become a matter of all or nothing from this viewpoint particularly in the height of summer . The tourist sector in Australia would receive a much needed boost because most other developed nations especially those in Europe better cater for those who have adopted this form of healthy life style .

A diverse range of issues and matters relevant to Australia and the world have been raised in this posted election material . Many more matters of importance could have been so raised but this briefly detailed selection should pave the way for a more cohesive and less detrimentally divided society both domestically and internationally . A potential election candidate and aspiring federal Australian parliamentarian can only present and outline a small selection of their nationally orientated thoughts and views . It will then be left to due process and the pertinent electors for determination of the whole matter .

Written and authorised by Graeme Edwina Strang of no fixed address in Sydney / Australia


In Australia the most powerful legal identity for an adult person in society would be viewed as that of elector which is created when one does voluntarily give their name and residential address and birthdate and sex or gender to the Australian Electoral Commission ( AEC ) so those details can then be placed upon various electoral rolls . If one does accordingly submit personal information in that manner they will gain the status of elector with the legal right of either becoming an election candidate themselves or nominating others to become such both indirectly through a political party or directly if approached by another elector that is seeking independent candidacy .

However , most electors will eventually and invariably become voters during their first election event and thereby permanently lose all initial elector status . The only possible way an initial elector could maintain their original elector status and hence their sovereign individual legal power would be nominating another non party elector for parliamentary candidacy . If the nominee does retain their own elector status during that parliamentary term of office the elector nominator will likewise retain their elector status .

All those who have obtained parliamentary office so far in Australia did not possess the ability or fortitude to retain their own elector status and so the personal trust of all but knowledgeable original Australian electors has been betrayed . With the establishment of computer technology the electronic electoral roll doth reveal the situation by displaying only the full name and residential address and electoral divisions of the eventual voters and not the other individual personal electoral details of birthdate and sex or gender .


Originally a pagan was viewed as one who harnessed particular animals for manual labour and raised others to be slaughtered for edible food with their skins and hides utilised for clothing and other accessories whilst other animals were raised for dairy food before being likewise slaughtered and utilised . The pagan was directly opposed to the vegan who tilled and cultivated the soil for the production of edible plant food and usable plant fibre for clothing and other related items . Religion did eventually somehow become associated with the pagan by the ritualistic blood sacrifice of animals in the name of various revered and worshipped personified deities . All current mainstream religion can begrudgingly and embarrassingly trace its source and origin to the sacrificial religious element of the pagan .

The first historical definition for vegan finally became redundant and has been superceded with more general terminology such as agriculturist or horticulturist or plantation farmer or crop producer . The modern definition for the word vegan has been revised as one who will only eat plant sourced food and otherwise does not utilise animals and does not use animal derived products or more generally those who uphold this type of lifestyle . While no deified religious aspect has ever been attached to the past historical vegan a blessing was always given to the crop harvest no matter how meagre by a communal event that simply honoured nature in a general sense .

The pagan very cleverly appropriated the nature blessing aspect of the vegan whilst hiding its own ritualistic deified animal blood sacrifice element . Currently the modern pagan has become a very respectable nature worshipper and credited with being the foundation of present mainstream deified religion minus the emphasis upon the ritualistic animal blood sacrificial element despite devouring and ruthlessly exploiting animals as they see fit . One bizarre practice attributable to the modern pagan would undoubtedly be animal utilisation in the creation and hosting of the virus organism then spreading it amongst humanity as vaccines . Still more bizarre must be the open but blatant misguided invitation for all the world human population to join their demented club in rank and file membership by an initiation ceremony called double dose vaccination with unlimited free booster shots .

In brief summary the vaxoids do form the essential core army of the vaxo ( id ) pagan elite . The vaxologist being the ones who study and practice vaxology should thereby be gainfully employed for many years yet to come . If anyone is still doubtful regarding the animalistic pagan influence and dominance upon the world then how does one otherwise explain the overwhelming emphasis and focus upon the animal kingdom when the plan(e)t kingdom is infinitely more beneficial and important and integral to the very existence of humanity .


Vaxology is unofficially recognised as a specialised branch of psychiatry which is entirely devoted to the study of the obsessive vaccination mentality . The vaxoid is identified or defined as an individual or collective of such who are infused and possessed by a mentality which will proclaim vaccination as the only sure method for prevention of human disease . This doth perfectly illustrate the dominant trait of the vaxoid as single mindedness . There will always exist more than one viable solution for any dilemma except in the case of the vaxoid who is really saying despite a multitude of solutions for any problem in this instance it shall be done our way and only our way . They must obviously think the world human population as little more than obliging pin cushions to be endlessly needle jabbed into a permanent unhealthy state and condition of domineering submission and absolute subjugation.

A vaxoid can only exist if certain circumstances are also present . It is not necessary for those circumstances to actually exist provided there can be formed a perception of such . This will not present an obstacle for the vaxoid mentality as they shall simply create those required necessary circumstances by the enactment of grand fraud . Given that a normal healthy human is not naturally susceptible to any disease or sickness or illness the vaxoid must convince the general population otherwise .

It should be briefly explained that the vaxoid does merely form a small part of the complex intertwined control network which is upholding and maintaining a total artificial construct which has markedly deviated from the natural reality . Practically everybody has become either a slave or a servant of the artificial construct . The vaxoid mentality will and does play its role in that enslavement and servitude .

What is loosely called the germ theory which has scientifically not progressed beyond the hypothesis stage does lay the foundation for the utilisation of vaccines . The concept of life span and life expectancy has also combined with the germ theory which will give a false impression of a compressed time limited life that is further restricted by a fully contrived certainty and inevitability of disease and sickness and illness . Life has been quantified and qualified by the control network which of course does include the integral vaxoid element .

Most individual humans do invariably kill themselves by the accumulative sum total of all the bad lifestyle choices they will and shall make . Temptation is abundantly abounding in both amount and type . One of those temptations is called vaccination made more so by interventionist vaxoid induced pressure and restriction . The vaxoid along with their array of assorted cohorts claim that vaccines will give protection from all viruses while drugs and medication shall give protection from nasty bacteria and other malign microbes .

Good health and a long meaningful life will only occur by avoidance of every temptation . Temptation is best defined as . . . . . . the desire to do something that according to endowed conscience in conjunction with human reasoning is knowingly wrong or unwise . Currently the worst temptation for humanity has manifested as the demented vaxoid and their one way trip to needless dependency and enslavement down the thorny path of vaccination .