One should only be instructed if they cannot find their own way . King Charles the 3rd and any future monarch of the United Kingdom and Northern Island must never think themself sovereign of Australia because a British monarch does not possess a passport and thereby can be refused legal entry to any other country . Circumnavigation of this legal obstacle is mainly achieved by delegating others to act upon their behalf by an oath or affirmation of allegiance . All federal Australian parliamentarians have sworn such oath or affirmation .

The Australian population does willingly accept rule by the British Monarchy as a claimed 90 per cent of such pay for their public transport usage when it should be free . Payment of a fare for public transport travel does not constitute a ticket to freedom for it merely doth represent a token of esteem to the reigning British monarch and the associated monarchy .

Australia or its population do not have collective freedom because they form an integral part of a foreign kingdom being its lower ( down under ) realm . Eventually the Australian population must choose its own type of collective societal organisational structure and thus avoid continual and unnecessary outside dominance and interference .

A ruler is an implement which does measure and make a straight line . If one does not have possession of their own rule they cannot straightly measure . However if a population does both collectively and individually needlessly allow others to measure them then they shall be mismeasured and subjected to a broad and assorted range of general mistreatment .

A nation must make its own measure of self worth and never leave it to the indiscriminate whimsical will of a foreign realm . The body of people that form the Australian nation must serve each other and no longer be imprisoned by a shameful past colonial history .

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