Wednesday February 08th 2023 does mark the introduction of reduced opening hours for many Coles supermarket stores throughout Australia . Coles and Woolworths have firmly established themselves as Australia’s two largest supermarket chains . Both supermarkets on the above stated date did additionally increase the price of some stock items . Most of these stock items are common to both stores so it must be seen as a coordinated and planned occurrence .

The Coles supermarket reduction of trading hours did mainly involve midnight closure
being reduced to either an 11 PM or 10 PM one . This overall reduction in trading hours
was not publicly announced beforehand .

Because a Coles supermarket was usually the last store in a shopping complex to close it now does mean an earlier close for some of these complexes in alignment with the Coles closure . Woolworths supermarkets do primarily maintain a 10 PM closure so the current situation is seeing more simultaneous conclusion of daily supermarket trade along with the aligned shopping complex closure.

Staff levels at these two supermarkets are more so consistently and fully maintained till store closure than any pronounced tiered and staged decrease of operational activity .
The high staff levels towards cessation of trade are primarily concerned with pressuring and ushering shoppers out of the store and general monitoring .

Control a nation’s food distribution and supply and the mass population is also likewise controlled . The world wide fake and fraudulent corona virus situation has not ended . The main objective of the virus scenario was eventually revealed as one giant colossal social engineering project of total regressive outright control and dominance . It doth relentlessly continue by indoctrination and mind control . A ceaseless war of attrition at the mental level . No pointed and loaded guns are ever directly required .

Earlier closure of Coles supermarkets will generally be dismissed as routine economising . The coordinated price rises however were specifically designed for the false economising perception and nothing else . Coles and Woolworths are both publicly listed share market companies and thereby have almost unlimited access to funds for capital expenditure . In other words both these enterprises have no need of excessive and extreme eonomising .

The agenda is plain . A compression of human activity for a more concentrated generation of bio energy . Interdimensionally influenced hybrid humans have controlled this realm since the dawn of civilisation and before . Trickery and deception and roguery and conflict and stupidity and confusion are all characteristic of the warped hybrid human mentality .

Large scale supermarket operation does constitute an essential service and as such should be constantly available . This doth mean 24/7 around the clock opening . The universe as a whole is comprised of partial constants and full constants . Just as the universe cannot and will not sustain an imbalance in the partial and full constant neither can planet Earth .

Parliamentary legislation of common sense is not required . Unfortunately common sense cannot be upheld by legislation because legislation does not make common sense . Any private household would usually have around the clock access to their possessions . Why should it not be so for community possessions ?

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