Vaccination does not achieve virus immunity . A virus will thrive and flourish in certain types of specific sugar rich conditions and any vaccine must contain such sugars as a vital and essential part of the bio-chemical compound mix . The only protection from a virus is generating natural body immunity through a special diet and abstinence of all straight drug and medication and skin applicant usage . Sunscreen or sunblock or suntan lotion and creams would easily qualify as the most dangerous and potentially deadly type of skin applicant usage especially for meat eaters . Ironically this type of skin applicant usage is heavily promoted by various government funded agencies and organisations as a way of protection against cancer which is the very thing such usage will directly cause . A cancer prone person would thus also be very vulnerable to the harmful effects of a virus .

A short duration consumption of the below outlined sample diet or similar in combination with the above stated abstinence will destroy any active virus in the body and supply all body nutritional need . The body will obtain all the food nutrition unhindered by chemical contaminant and an active virus will be denied its nutrition and thereby starve . Permanent maintenance of this sample diet or similar and continual abstinence of all drug and medication and skin applicant usage will give the body full and complete life lasting virus protection . It will also cure and give life lasting natural immunity and protection for any other disease and sickness and illness .


Sample Food Item Selection List

– 1 litre carton of Pure Harvest organic rice milk ( plant calcium ) Coles super market
– 1 litre carton of Pure Harvest organic oat milk ( plant calcium ) Coles super market
– 150 g packet of Pure Harvest organic rice cakes ( brown rice ) Coles super market
– 250 ml glass bottle of Raw C premium liquid coconut oil ( MCT ) Coles super market
– 300 g glass jar of Only Organic coconut oil ( extra virgin ) Woolworths super market
– 1120 g packet of wheat biscuits ( 99 % whole grain wheat ) Woolworths own brand
– 280 g glass jar of Wellness Road nut spread ( power mix ) Coles own brand
– 280 g glass jar of Mayver’s nut spread ( super original ) Woolworths super market
– 175 g packet of Original Crinkle Cut potato chips ( palm oil ) Coles own brand
– 420 g tin of lentils ( salt ) Coles own brand
– 420 g tin of whole baby potatoes ( salt ) Coles own brand
– 410 g tin of baby carrots ( salt ) Coles own brand
– avocado & peach & nectarine & red papaya ( ripe whole fruit ) any fruit shop

avoid all animal food & raw vegetable & any food with added artificial sugar

note – the outlined sample diet is taken from a perspective at Sydney in Australia
note – the outlined sample diet is not entirely suitable for those below the age of 5 years
note – cereals are defined as those from the grass family ( such as rice and wheat and oat )
note – a skin applicant does include that of cosmetics and lotions and soaps
note – vitamin supplements are classified as a drug and should not be consumed
note – meat and poultry and fish cannot be fully digested by the human body
note – all raw vegetables contain toxins which can only be destroyed by cooking
note – plant fibre is not fully digestible but it does assist the digestive process
note – crush wheat biscuits in a plastic sealable sandwich lunch bag and eat dry
note – consumption recommendation ( long life milk before the other items )

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