Vaccination does not achieve virus immunity . A virus will thrive and flourish in certain types of specific fatty animal protein abundant conditions and any vaccine must contain such , particularly gelatin and egg protein , as a vital and essential part of the bio-chemical compound mix . The only protection from a virus is generating natural body immunity through a specific vegan food intake and abstinence of all straight drug and medication and skin applicant usage . A skin applicant does include cosmetics and soap and lotion and oil and moisturiser and sunblock while a drug will include vitamin pill supplements .

A short duration consumption of the food items listed below or similar in combination with the above stated abstinence will destroy any active virus in the body and supply all body nutritional need . The body will obtain all the nutrients unhindered by harmful chemical contaminant and an active virus will be denied its nutrition and thereby starve . Permanent maintenance of such consumption and continual abstinence of all drug and medication and skin applicant usage will give the body full and complete life lasting virus protection . It will also cure and give life lasting natural immunity and protection for any other disease and sickness and illness .


Sample Food Item Selection List ( Australia )

– 200 g packet of Double D barley sugar drops ( glucose syrup 50 % ) Woolworths
– 375 g jar of Sanitarium natural smooth peanut butter ( roasted peanut 100 % ) C or W
– 1120 g packet of wheat biscuits ( whole grain wheat 99 % / salt ) Woolworths
– black berry ( ripe whole aggregate fruit ) any fruit shop and Coles or Woolworths
– mandarin ( ripe whole citrus tree fruit ) any fruit shop and Coles or Woolworths
– black or red or green grape ( ripe whole climbing vine fruit ) fruit shop & Coles or W
– mango & red papaya ( ripe whole tropical tree fruit ) fruit shop and Coles or Woolworths
– peach & nectarine & apricot & plum ( ripe whole stone fruit ) fruit shop and Coles or W


Pescatarian Deviation ( only if the need does arise )

– 425 g can of tuna chunks in spring water ( skipjack tuna 63 % ) Woolworths supermarket


note – such a food list is known as the Vegan Earth Swish Swash or VESS ( acronym )
note – all the items of a VESS list are singularly and collectively known as swish swash
note – swish swash items are sized for convenience and will not require cooking or heating
note – swish swash items are characterised by minimal deviation from a natural base food
note – weight listed items are sized for general health along with convenient consumption
note – due to expense other similar items may be discretionally obtained when on special
note – crush a few wheat biscuits in a plastic resealable lunch bag then consume dry
note – health star rating 5 ( peanut butter )
note – health star rating 4.5 ( wheat biscuits / tuna )
note – no health star rating ( barley sugar drops )


VESS – does avoid enclosed refrigerated food due to possible harmful dormant microbes
VESS – does avoid all tofu ( especially with magnesium chloride due to arthritic affect )
VESS – does avoid raw vegetable because only cooking will destroy the natural toxin
VESS – does avoid chilled drink because of possible unhealthy micro biotic inclusion
VESS – does avoid all canned fruit & all fruit juice due to toxic seed residue incorporation
VESS – does avoid tahini & tahina & sesame seed oil because extreme digestive blockage
VESS – does avoid all tree nuts because of difficult digestion and moisture depletion
VESS – does avoid banana and avocado and any derivative because of blood dilution
VESS – does avoid all melon because of difficult digestion and significant bloating
VESS – does avoid all baked beans as the paprika extract shall cause cellular toxicity
VESS – does avoid all form of coconut especially the water due to electrolytic imbalance

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