Earth in its physical cosmic journey through space first encountered the photon belt of a star called Alcyone for this occasion on February 04th 1962 . Yet another age of Aquarius began with the passing of that date as yet another age of Pisces ended . It doth form part of the Great Cycle as our Solar System is continuing its orbital path around Alcyone . Each such orbit currently will take approximately 25,860 years to complete with the Sun and its Solar System being the 7th one of Alcyone . The duration of each earthly Astrological age is approximately 2,155 years as there are 12 such . There are thereby two photon ages lasting approximately 2,155 years each and two breaks between such lasting approximately 10,755  years each during one entire orbit . Physically the full intensity of a Photon age is characterised by a continual glowing phosphorescent luminous sky or atmosphere rather than the present distinct day and night sky . This change may be sudden or gradual . A gradual change will occur if the Sun does first encounter and interact with the photon belt while the change would be sudden if the Earth first made such encounter and interaction before the Sun . It is more apparent that our Sun has made the first such encounter on this particular occasion hence does form the underlying reason for the erratic climate and weather patterns of the past few decades and the thus far maintenance of definitive day and night .

World government and the scientific and academic community along with their aligned and associated parties will not acknowledge this occurrence because it would result in their loss of control and power over the general world population . The earthly traverse of the Alcyone Photon Belt at a foundation basic mental level has and will always bring full and thorough enlightenment to all intelligent lifeforms . As a desperation measure the present never to be enlightened misguided controllers of earthly affairs are doing everything within their limited and underdeveloped intelligence to completely and totally block the enlightenment power of the Alcyone generated photon energy . Their efforts to date have included cloud seeding under the guise of stimulating rainfall for agricultural purposes , chemclouds and chemtrails which has involved spraying the upper atmosphere with compounds of barium and aluminium , and creation of an ozone layer in the extreme upper atmosphere falsely claiming such as natural . Environmentalism has been used as indoctrination in the promotion of a perceived need for an atmospheric ozone layer and a false explanation regarding its deterioration . The prize piece of current environmental pseudo science indoctrination would undoubtedly be that ocean and fresh water sharks form a natural and necessary part of the biological animal kingdom and should thus be fully and unconditionally protected as an endangered lifeform . If that be so then perhaps those who instigated such demented thought should swim amongst a school of hungry bloodthirsty sharks .

Akin to the outlined pseudo science environmental indoctrination would be the current fake and bogus world virus scenario with mass vaccination as its main objective . The most direct and effective method of blocking the enlightenment power of the Alcyone photon energy for intelligent earthly humans would be using the human mind and body itself to prevent such and as previously stated in the Neuro Mutant Vax 2021 post this could be achieved by restricting the full development of human nerve cell dendritic spines and thereby detrimentally affect nerve impulse transmission . It is no coincidence that mass scale vaccination is being conducted to coincide with the initial Earth traverse through the Alcyone Photon Belt under the false guise of protection against a virus which in reality does not actually exist .

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