Yet another major class division within the world population shall arise from the present fake virus situation between those who will be legally recognised as vaccinated and those who will not be legally recognised as vaccinated . It will also establish a major sub division of those who will not have been vaccinated and claim to have been vaccinated and those who will have been vaccinated and claim not to have been vaccinated . Those who control could be considered perversely competent economist as at least two major world wide class divisions shall be created by one single false virus scenario . It will give the English idiomatic expression two for the price of one an extra dimension of significance .

There would exist two main reasons for the general population deciding upon personal vaccination . Firstly , people have been persuaded and convinced by the dual falsities of trickery and deception that the claimed virus situation is totally genuine and vaccines are consequently necessary and beneficial . Secondly , a fear of authoritarian initiated reprisal and mistreatment against anyone who does not become vaccinated especially if a majority choose vaccination .  A minority group in any society is often placed at the mercy of the majority and given the misguided zeal and determination displayed so far from controlling sources an unvaccinated minority would most likely become severely disadvantaged . The instigators and orchestrators of the fraudulent world virus phenomenon and their able and obliging cohorts are deliberately distributing the virus laden vaccines slowly which will give maximum opportunity for the overall staged indoctrination process to take full effect . The final and completed process of indoctrination will add new meaning to another English idiomatic expression of give and take .

Regardless of whether the unvaccinated do form a majority or minority the divide will have been none-the-less created . Planet Earth has already experienced two successive world wars in recent history and many smaller scale wars amongst various deluded segments of the world population . Underlying all earth based war is battle for control of the human conscience . It could be said that World War 3 has arrived but not in the same guise as any previous conflict . The current World War is being fought mainly at the psychological or mental level and it will be a protracted and ceaseless and relentless covert war of attrition against humanity and not a war against any claimed virus . Small glass bottles and phials of vaccine virus will form the ammunition while the uncaring and indifferent self interested manufacturers and promoters and distributers and protectors and administers of the latest bio ammunition arsenal will form its soldiers .

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