A vaccine is generally considered a bio chemical solution that will keep the created virus in a crystalline form and thereby make it dormant or inactive whereas a so called booster vaccine would be comparatively defined as a chemical solution that does activate a dormant virus by the breakage of its given crystalline matrix structure . Predictably both a vaccine and booster vaccine have been chosen as the chief weapon of treatment for the claimed world wide natural virus phenomenon .

The largest and most influential multi national pharmaceutical corporations are currently producing and manufacturing the booster vaccine which can be done relatively quickly as it is merely a simple straight forward chemical compound . Conversely a vaccine or virus in crystalline form would require a much longer production and manufacture time because it is deemed a very complex bio chemical that must utilise an extremely complicated code for its genetic sequence pattern and structure  . Based upon current bio technology and the total available scientific labour resource and the huge logistic requirement for a world wide vaccine distribution the production and manufacture of such would have commenced in the year 2015 with the planning and development stage having begun well beforehand .

The very short timeline of 21 days between vaccine sleeper agent injection and booster vaccine trigger agent injection may simply mean the crystalline structure of the injected virus would not be broken by the human immune system and therefore must be broken by an outside agent before the virus is naturally and harmlessly expelled from the body in its unbroken crystal form .

It should be seen as ironic that the publicised symptoms of this current claimed world wide virus are similar to influenza when realising that influenza vaccine viruses have been freely dispensed throughout the world for many years . This would strongly indicate that the current so called virus or more correctly the crystal virus vaccine is just a more highly created and developed strain of influenza with all known viruses to date being genetically modified laboratory bacteria . A further irony does arise concerning the size of a virus . Any virus is larger than bacteria in crystal form and probably the largest of all microbes and pathogens but smaller than bacteria when in the active state . The next irony being that a virus is only crystalline in a vaccine and at no other time or on no other occasion . All and any virus will eventually self destruct whilst in the host entity as an active agent without any visible detectable trace making this the ultimate virus irony and making the virus itself presently the ultimate biological weapon .

Injecting someone with a needle if done without their permission or consent does fully constitute a criminal act called malicious wounding which is accompanied by a significant term of imprisonment as a possible consequential penalty . Vaccination cannot be thus made legally mandatory because its enforcement would contravene the criminal law of every world nation .

Everybody will be given a second chance during the intended vaccination procedure in Australia . That chance would be akin to a warning message for an ordinary and common computer deletion will revolve around the second needle injection . The main legal hurdle for those who are detrimentally affected by the forthcoming vaccination procedure is that the orchestrators will have legal protection by virtue of that second given procedural chance .

All sickness and disease and illness is not caused by any microbe or pathogen as a properly functioning immune system will expel or destroy any such invader . Boring as it may sound a healthy diet and lifestyle does make the concept of vaccination totally unnecessary . Human consumption of animal derived food from the meat or poultry or egg or fish or dairy or honey category and other contaminants and poisons like alcohol or tobacco or medication or drugs or vitamin supplements or coffee or tea or confectionery or soft drink does not and never will form any part of a healthy diet while broadcast television watching or broadcast radio listening or gambling or roguery or competitive sport and competitive game involvement or sleeping with the head raised on a pillow or either or both unethical voluntary and unethical paid employment participation or workaholism or the utterance of any and all unprovoked abuse or the conveyance of unwarranted criticism or engagement in criminal activity or simultaneously and aimlessly walking and viewing a smartphone screen or unnecessarily wearing a face mask does not and never ever will form any part of healthy lifestyle .

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