The world wide phenomenon of a virus outbreak requiring co ordinated regressive large scale control measures to combat its continuing spread doth possess all the hallmarks of one gigantic monumental scam with a multi faceted hidden agenda . It is strongly doubtful that the pathogen called a virus like its computer counterpart could be considered in any way a natural occurrence . Firstly , the scientific community have never classified a virus as a totally living organism . Secondly , viruses were once the largest of the micro organisms but since the early 1970’s they have now been categorised smaller than bacteria. This change along with the lack of life characteristics strongly indicate that viruses are not only unnatural but are entirely an artificial man made bio chemical genetic entity which is being continually refined and developed . If so they could be called in their own right a biological weapon and a deliberately constructed instrument of biological warfare . While traditional overt warfare does deliver a quick and tangible visible result covert warfare is much more effective because of its subtle nature . The general population will not readily recognise warfare of the covert type as such .

Because the new generation viruses have undergone a size reduction they may now only be seen with the aid of an electron microscope which is only used by a small segment of scientist and hence a very insignificant portion of the total population which does introduce a distinct possibility and doth make it highly probable that this virus phenomenon has been  entirely faked as only a few easily controllable individuals can determine the matter one way or the other . If the whole virus scenario has been faked with there being no actual virus surfacing at this stage it is thereby predominantly a propaganda war .

Propaganda is used as an instrument to impose a certain mentality or mindset upon an  unsuspecting and gullible targeted section of the population and does form the prelude to the physical warfare whether overt or covert . While the actual final developed virus may not have surfaced yet the regressive control measures certainly have emerged in the form of such things as curfews and lockdowns and border closures and non essential business closures and enforced quarantine and social isolation and store entry limitation and the contact tracing registration . The most potent part of the covert warfare thus far has been the body temperature checks using thermometers that direct a concentrated infra red beam at the forehead which does penetrate the scull into the brain tissue whereby laser pointers that do emit a similar but more intense infra red beam have been legally classified as a prohibited weapon . This technology is dangerous and detrimental to human health when it is utilised in such a manner however the medical authorities have declared the practice safe by publishing more propaganda . The real virus which would have certainly been developed before the virus scenario was enacted will undoubtedly surface on a large scale basis in the guise of mass vaccination and immunisation ( biological weaponry ) and thereby will constitute the main covert part of the warfare .

Almost completely undetected and unnoticed were the computer viruses inflicted upon most of the worlds computer networks and implemented during the height of the so called non essential business closures . Only a mere handful of individuals would know the far reaching effects and consequences of such implementation .

In summary and conclusion if there was a genuine virus outbreak actually affecting a very small percentage of the population it would not and does not justify the regressive control measures taken to constrict and contain its progression . It is demonstrative of the classic situation whereby a vast majority do suffer unnecessarily and needlessly for the sake of an insignificant minority . Loss of liberty and freedom is equal to any form of suffering and does form the basis of all human suffering .

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