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 Born  –  October  14th  1956  

To Cook electors desirous of becoming voters . Penalty for remaining an elector still only $20 . Welcome once more to the limitations of limitation . Again on offer is opportunity for major economic reorganisation to the benefit of all . A mass mental block or an epidemic of “ it can’t be done ” syndrome is preventing such from occurring . To those who think such your attention is drawn to the fact that government throughout the world do possess the power to create and issue currency . In a monetary socio economic society this should be the prime function of government . The creation and issue of currency is not inflationary if its distribution is frequently and evenly and equally dispensed . All does presently enter the economy by way of credit in the form of loans from the private banking system . It is debt currency from the outset . This situation is needless and harmful and detrimental . Economic reorganisation would concentrate on 6 key areas . Firstly , abolish all taxation . Legal consent for all government   agenda does form the hidden reason for taxation .   Defence or organised warfare will constitute the main activity of present government with much of it covert . Remove the concept of taxation and the legal foundation of war is also removed . It is interesting to note that all political parties from the extreme left to extreme right will have a taxation policy . Secondly , abolish usury or interest on loans . The concept of usury does represent a disguised form of taxation . Thirdly , abolish the foreign exchange market . One unit of one national currency to equal one unit of another national currency . Fourthly , abolish the share market and all related markets such as bonds and futures and commodities and options . Trading in contracts does represents pure gambling and pure gambling should be eliminated from legitimate trade . Fifthly , no privatisation of anything that is classified a public asset or utility . These are built by the community for general community use . The construction and maintenance and improvement of such should be solely a community cost . Any service from a public asset or utility would be available at no cost to the user in the form of free public transport and free electricity and  water supply and toll free roadways . Sixthly , direct issue of currency unconditionally to all individuals in society providing life’s basics such as essential food , clothing , and accommodation . It is an entitlement and not a gift . The selfish motivation for paid employment would then become the acquisition of the extras or luxuries . Now a mention on other matters . Given that marriage as an established institution does still represent the dominant form of sexual repression in society and a significant portion of society do indulge it should be made more accommodating . The repeal or abolishment of bigamy as a law would allow a male to have more than one wife simultaneously and a female to have more than one husband simultaneously and the broader child sharing aspect of such changed relationships may solve rapid world population growth and may reduce the call for so called same sex marriage and may make marriage much more appealable and thereby result in the reduction of divorce . Society in general and authorities in particular should not place any undue pressure on parents to vaccinate their children . It must always remain a complete free choice . If anyone thinks that a Republic is better than a Constitutional Monarchy then know that under the former an individual is wholly and solely regarded as a name and number while the latter shall give complete recognition and acknowledgement of the ones spiritual aspect .  A woman can only conceive for about two hours each lunar month when the Sun and Moon are exactly the same number of degrees apart as they were at her first breath on birth . When the Moon arrives at that certain angle for a particular woman in a negative Zodiac sign the child will be female while Moon arrival in a positive Zodiac sign will result in the child being male . This was once general knowledge and if so again would alleviate many current social dilemmas .

HOW to VOTE on the House of Representatives Ballot Paper for Cook  –  number all listed candidates consecutively according to personal preference .

This material was written and printed and modelled and authorised and distributed by
Graeme Edwina Strang  1/12 Letitia Street OATLEY NSW 2223  0451651486 & 0451651498

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