Although a virus is made by genetic modification of bacteria it like natural occurring micro organisms may detrimentally affect more complex earthly lifeforms if they are unhealthy . No natural micro-organism can detrimentally affect a healthy lifeform . The whole problem with human health and wellbeing is specific determination of what will constitute good health . Unfortunately ego does often present an obstacle in such determination .

Optimum human health does mainly involve consumption of suitable food . While eating animal derived food is possible for a human being such cannot be fully digested by the body as unlike carnivorous animals a human does not possess all the required digestive enzymes for that function . Modern humanity has now reached a level whereby a full range of plant food is readily available subject to politically motivated interruption of supply and production . Some forms of available plant derived food are better and more suitable than others so leaving aside more specialist concepts such as pristine natural mineralised water drinking and breatharianism it will then become a matter of personal selection from the entire offering within the plant food range .

Many dietary health sources will place more emphasis upon raw plant food rather than fully processed plant food but surprisingly simple processed plant food is generally the better option . If an individual does find and consume healthy food there is no need of any other consumptive uptake such as medicine and drugs . Vaccines unlike their entirely chemical medicine and drug counterparts are biologically produced substances that will supposedly contain a replicated virus part . However vaccines are more correctly seen as complex bio chemical solution compounds which house a dormant virus awaiting to be awakened .

In Australia approximately 41 per cent of the population 16 years of age and above have been fully vaccinated for the current so called pandemic virus . To place that statistic in better perspective approximately 41 per cent of those Australians over the age of 16 years have been virus contaminated . They have thereby become definitive virus carriers and will eventually suffer the effects of such in varying degrees . No thinking individual who does adopt a healthy lifestyle would ever willingly become vaccinated . Given the current fake world virus scenario the first simple step to good health is refusing virus contamination .

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